5 Reasons To Reconnect With Old Friends & How To Do It
5 Reasons To Reconnect With Old Friends & How To Do It

5 Reasons To Reconnect With Old Friends & How To Do It

Here’s why you should reach out to your old friends this year and how easy it can be to maintain friendships.

Going to university is an exciting time, but moving away from home also means moving away from friends. It can be easy to lose touch with friends, especially if you’re living far apart and are caught up with the excitement of university life.

While you might make some friends for life in uni, your childhood friends are probably always going to be there for you and will be friends for life, even if you haven’t spoken in a while, so don’t worry if you feel like you’ve been a bit distant recently.

If you’re wondering how to reconnect with old friends if you haven’t reached out in a while, honestly, it couldn’t be easier. Plus, you can get a student discount on the new Samsung Galaxy S23 range, to help you stay in touch and share memories effortlessly.

Here are our top tips on why you should reconnect with your old friends and how to do it.

1. You can share your favourite memories


Even if you’re busy making new memories at uni, it doesn’t mean the old ones have to fade. Chatting about shared moments is a great way to combat loneliness and to help you reconnect with your old friends about the special times you enjoyed. 

Even though reaching out can feel tricky sometimes, we bet it will feel good once you’ve had the catch-up. The Samsung Galaxy S23 range comes with a 12 MP selfie camera, so you can video call your friends for those all-important catchups and you’ll feel like you’re in the room with them even if you’re miles apart.

2. You could find a new partner for hobbies

If you’re thinking of trying a new sport or hobby in 2023, you might find it daunting to do it alone. If you haven’t spoken to an old friend in a while, they could’ve taken up a new hobby since you last caught up, or they might be willing to try a new hobby with you as well.

The great thing about modern technology is you don’t have to necessarily be with someone in person to try new hobbies, you could follow a YouTube tutorial from home while being on a video call, or you could challenge them virtually. 

There are loads of features that the Samsung Galaxy S23 range can offer in terms of trying new hobbies. Whether it’s gaming with friends thanks to the powerful Snapdragon processor, organisation apps you can download to keep track of your schedule and diary or even fitness challenges you can challenge one another to through Samsung Health.

3. You’ll have a reliable support system

It can be hard to remember to reach out to old friends if you’re busy with uni, so why not put in a recurring monthly catchup where you can vent to one another and just discuss everything that’s going on in your life? Having a reliable support system can be really beneficial, especially when you’re going through a lot of life changes at uni.

Of course, your friends aren’t therapists but if you’re stressed about your latest assignment or haven’t connected amazingly with all of your flatmates, having someone that you know will always be there for you no matter what can make everything feel better. Remember that your friends are always just a call or text away–– all you have to do is pick up your phone.


4. You can plan the future

You won’t be at uni forever. Chances are, you probably visit your hometown quite a lot throughout the year, especially during the summer. If you’re already worried about going home for extended periods of time, you can make a plan to look forward to, whether that be a fun summer in the UK or abroad.

If you’re not a very organised person, your phone can do that for you and you won’t have to stress about getting a plan together. You’ll be able to have all of your train tickets, plane tickets, cards or boarding passes in one place, as well as easy access to Google maps to make sure you never get lost on your travels. You can also download the Student Beans app for easy access to in-store discounts and perks to help you save some cash too.

Plus, a great thing about the new Galaxy S23 range? Impressively long battery life, so if you’re not the type of person to carry a portable charger, you don’t have to worry about your phone dying on long days out.

5. You can make new memories

You don’t need to be stuck in the past to connect with old friends. Whatever you choose to do together, make sure to capture your new memories so you can keep track and never forget all of the fun times you have together. 

With the Samsung Galaxy S23 range, you’ll get either 3 or 4 rear phone cameras, combining wide-angle, ultra-wide angle and optical zoom lenses to really capture your memories in the best quality possible. With the Galaxy S23 Ultra you’ll get a 200MP wide-angle camera which is nearly double the resolution of the previous model, for crystal clear photos always.

Plus, the night selfie video feature means that if you’re recording on your selfie camera and it’s dark because you’re at a concert or club, your videos will still be vibrant and clear so you’ll never forget all the fun you had that night.

Don’t forget to check out the new Samsung Galaxy S23 range and get a student discount, to help you stay in touch with all of your friends and family this year.

This post is a sponsored post in partnership with Samsung.