McDonald's Big Mac hack for cheaper. Pictured: Big Mac burger
McDonald's Big Mac hack for cheaper. Pictured: Big Mac burger

This McDonald’s Hack Gets You A HUGE Big Mac For Cheaper Than The Regular

More burger for your buck.

Save money and get more food? This McDonald’s hack is almost too good to be true.

We know everyone hates the slightly awks encounter at the drive-thru — shouting over and over again that you want two lots of fries, not one, while the queue of cars judges you.

But trust us, this hack is totally worth the honking of a car horn for you to hurry up.

McDonald's Big Mac hack for cheaper. Pictured: Big Mac and fries on table

Big Mac Hack

If you’re a fan of the Big Mac, and who isn’t? You’ll love this hack, getting you extra meat for less money.

A McDonald’s employee has spilled the beans and has shared some ways to get more out of your trip to the fast-food chain.

If you’re fond of a Big Mac but find that it lacks meat, there’s a simple way to fix that. Just order two double cheeseburgers and ask for Big Mac sauce and lettuce, which gives you practically the same Big Mac but with two extra patties. Plus, it’s cheaper.

The employee also shared a hack to get more McNuggets. If you’re ever with a pal and both want to order some nugs, don’t order two separate six or nine-piece nugget meals.

It’s a lot cheaper to buy a box of twenty nuggets, two portions of fries, and two drinks — resulting in an extra eight nuggets for you to split between the both of you. So simple!

Try it out for yourself and witness the savings.

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