Ifar for all
Ifar for all

“Iftar For All” Boxes Launched To Help Those Struggling With Cost Of Living Crisis During Ramadan

Hellman’s has teamed up with a charity to offer free food parcels to those in need this Ramadan.

The cost of living crisis has hit hard and many people feel the financial strain the most around holidays, important family celebrations, or birthdays.

According to new research, almost two-thirds of Muslims in the UK are worried about the costs of Iftar meals this year, with the average cost of a weekly food shop during Ramadan being £91. This has led to the development of new food packages to help those who are worried about the financial strain.

Hellman’s has partnered with the charity Human Appeal to offer free food parcels called “Iftar for All” this Ramadan. Launched in London, Birmingham and Manchester, and the surrounding areas, the boxes will include a mix of non-perishable and tinned halal foods (including Hellman’s mayonnaise) and will be free for those who are the most in need.

Iftar for all

The parcels were created in partnership with Afia Begom, a British-Bangladeshi chef who designed the boxes to create a week’s worth of food without food waste. The boxes will also contain recipes as well as ingredients for traditional Iftar meals and one box should be enough to feed a family for a week.

Sharing food is an important part of Ramadan and the scheme has been launched to give back to those in need and who may be struggling financially as a result of the cost of living crisis, so that they can still celebrate without the stress of financial burdens.

As of this week, the boxes will be available at selected food banks and beneficiary centres including Homeless Aid UK in Bolton, Sufra Foodbank in London, and Birmingham Central Mosque. For those interested, you can contact one of these beneficiary centres or find out more information on the Human Appeal website.