How To Get £1.49 Pints From Spoons

Summer has finally landed at Spoons.

Love Island is finally coming back, the weather has picked up and we’re in full summer mode.

If your summer plans typically include sitting in a pub garden sipping pints every time the sun comes out, you’re in luck as Spoons has slashed the prices of several drinks for the summer season with some pints costing as little as £1.49.

If you’re a regular at your local, over 900 Wetherspoons pubs will be reducing the prices of drinks on Mondays for summer— which means Monday is going to be the new Friday. Or, if you hate cooking you can head down to your local spoons every Monday evening and enjoy some food with a drink and take advantage of this new cheap pricing while it lasts.

All you have to do is turn up at Spoons on a Monday and you’ll be able to enjoy the reduced pricing.

What drinks are included in the deal?

The following drinks are listed with their new reduced pricing

  • Worthington’s or Ruddles- £1.49
  • Sideman Vodka (tropical ice or mixed berry)- £1.99 including mixer
  • Smirnoff Raspberry- £1.99 including mixer
  • Gordon’s Pink Gin- £1.99 including mixer
  • Au Vodka (strawberry burst, blue raspberry, pineapple crush or pink lemonade)- £1.99 including mixer
  • Jack Daniel’s Apple-Flavoured Bourbon- £1.99 including mixer
  • Captain Morgan’s Tiki Flavoured Rum- £1.99 including mixer
  • Disaronno- £1.99
  • Abbot Ale- £2.25
  • Shipyard or Strongbow- £2.25
  • Coors or Carling- £2.49
  • Budweiser- £2.69
  • Bamboo Rum- £2.85 including mixer
  • Jack Daniel’s- £2.85 including mixer
  • Kraken Rum- £2.85 including mixer
  • Guinness- £2.99
  • Any two cocktail pitchers- £13.25

Non-alcoholic drinks include:

  • Brecon Carreg Water Still or Sparkling- £1.29
  • Pepsi Max, Pepsi Max Cherry, Diet Pepsi- £1.65
  • R Whites Lemonade- £1.65
  • Monster (all varieties)- £1.65

So whether you want to enjoy cheaper pitchers or you’re more of a gin drinker, there are some great deals here with some of the most popular drinks on the menu reduced for you to enjoy this summer.

Remember that this reduced pricing is only available on Mondays (not including bank holidays) and you can check if your local Spoons is participating by downloading the app (although, are you really a student if you don’t have the Spoons app already?) and checking the drinks prices at your local before you set off.

Basically, Mondays are the only day you need to be going to the pub this summer for the foreseeable future.