Here’s What You Should Buy For Your Ex On Black Friday

While we certainly don’t endorse wasting your money (or time) on an ex, there are some great things you can buy this Black Friday to at least put a smile on your face.

Think of them, sitting there with their family, opening a… uh… “lovely†gift from you. If that’s not the best thing you can get yourself for Christmas, then what are you doing here?

Let’s get stuck into some hilarious gifts…

1. A one-way ticket to Australia

Get them out of your life for good with a plane ticket to the other side of the world. Hopefully, they’ll like it so much that they’ll stay.

Even better, you can use your Student Beans discount on the flight to make that cramped, 12-hour flight (hopefully next to a screaming toddler) even more sweet.

2. A revenge album

pexels-cottonbro-8848777 (1).jpg

Make yourself feel like a million dollars and show them what they’re missing all in one photo album. Got that revenge glow-up? Get a mate to take some stunning photos and send them straight through their letterbox with 50% off Photobox.

If you’re feeling extra bougie, why not treat yourself to a pro photoshoot? Just don’t send nudes, they don’t deserve them.

3. A mug for a mug


Don’t let the season of giving go by without them receiving a lovely personalised mug. Nothing says “you’re a knob†more than their name spelt in willies, after all.

If you want a good chuckle, then there are some really great mugs out there for them to “enjoyâ€.

4. A cutting remark

cookie cutters.jpg

Did they love to bring you down? Get creative in the kitchen and send them these bittersweet biscuits to get your own back.

There’s no way they’ll mistake this gift as a peace offering.

5. A sexy candle

vagina candle.webp

Remind them of what they’re missing with this elegant, tasteful candle. They can light it and lie in their darkened bedroom weeping about the good old days when you were still together.

Look how good the candle was for Gwynnie, it can only do good things for you too.

If you’re looking for a clean break, then these gifts could be the best idea for getting them off your back for good. Or, it could just really wind them up. Whatever your angle, we hope you find someone worth buying a nice gift for one day.

If you’re after some more serious gifts for the people who actually matter, then we’ve got you covered too. Check out our gift guides for mum and dad, as well as that special something for yourself — you deserve it.