Here’s How You Can Unlock A Flight To Hong Kong This Summer

You could unlock a flight to Hong Kong this summer.

If you’re planning your summer but you’re on a budget, you might have restricted your plans to the UK only for now.

Luckily, if you fancy a holiday but don’t want to pay for the flight you could be one of thousands to grab a ticket to Hong Kong this summer. Here’s what you need to know.

How can I fly to Hong Kong this summer?

In a bid to boost tourism, Hong Kong’s tourism board will be giving away half a million plane tickets to potential travellers this summer. The aim, of course, is to encourage people to visit Hong Kong after a decline in tourism after the pandemic. In many cases, especially flying from Europe a long-haul plane ticket is one of the most expensive parts of travelling so the idea is if you don’t have to worry about the plane ticket you’re much more likely to want to go on a holiday and enjoy all there is on offer in Hong Kong.

The tourism campaign has been open to residents across Southeast Asia since the 1st of March and mainland China since April and now UK residents will also be eligible to apply.

Hong Kong

How can I get a ticket?

From the 9th March 2023 UK residents will be able to apply to unlock a plane ticket to Hong Kong. This is great news as this scheme is not yet open to those across the rest of Europe or in the US–– so for now, those in the UK are getting a big advantage.

The flights will be available from airlines including HK Express, Hong Kong Airlines, Greater Bay Airlines, and Cathay Pacific.

If you want the chance to unlock a ticket you’ll need to register for one on Cathay Pacific’s website on the 9th of May from 9 am. There will be 3,260 tickets available to UK travellers and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. You will also need to register your details and complete a quiz and if you answer the questions correctly, you’ll be more likely to win a ticket. Everyone who wins a ticket will have to pay any taxes and surcharges, however, the basic cost of the flight will be covered.

The winners will be contacted by the 15th of May 2023.

So, if you want to go on a holiday this summer but you’re on a budget keep this on your radar!

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