Here’s How To Get Free Nuggets From McDonald’s Every Friday Until The End Of The Year

JustEat is running a new promotion where you can score some freebies with your orders.

If your weekend routine consists of ordering a takeaway, JustEat is the place to order it from this autumn. A new promotion called Freebie Friday could see you scoring a freebie with your order every week and all really you have to do is order your regular takeaway!

How does Freebie Friday work?

The great thing about this new promotion is that there’s little that you have to do. From now until the end of the year Freebie Friday will be a thing every Friday, and all you have to do is order a takeaway that reaches the minimum order spend and the option to add a freebie before you check out will come up.

The minimum spend will depend on the restaurant but will range from between £15-25, which is easy to hit if you’re ordering a weekend takeaway.

What are some of the freebies I can get?

The participating stores will be changing their freebies between now and the end of the year to switch things up a bit, but you’ll be able to check what the freebie is on the JustEat app. Some of the current Freebie Friday options include:

  • McNuggets from McDonald’s (this offer will be available until the end of October, then a new freebie will be offered)
  • Chilli Cheese Bites from Burger King
  • Waffle Fries from LEON
  • Doughnut Bites from Krispy Kreme
  • Dough Balls from PizzaExpress
  • Hot Wings from Popeyes
  • Tortellini from Co-op
  • Ginster’s Cornish Pasty from ASDA
  • Hash browns from The Breakfast Club
  • Garlic Bread from Franco Manca
  • Pepsi Max from Iceland

So, whether you’re ordering a tasty takeaway or just stocking up on some groceries on a Friday evening you can enjoy a freebie from JustEat just as a little treat to get you through the colder months. The promotion will be running every Friday until the end of the year and you can see what restaurants are participating and what the freebies are every Friday until the end of the year.