Here’s How To Get Free Fish & Chips Every Week For An Entire Year

You could get your fish and chips dinner for free thanks to this new scheme.

Who doesn’t love fish and chips? Well, if you’re a regular at your local chippy you’ll be pleased to know that you could get your order for free for the rest of the year thanks to a new scheme from Sarson’s.

Sarson’s is probably the most well-known vinegar brand in the UK and wants to help support local fish and chip shops, many of which are struggling due to the cost of living crisis and the aftermath of lockdown.

With over half of British fish and chip shops at risk of closing down by 2025 due to rising costs, Sarson’s is taking action to save our favourite shops with their #SarsonsFryDay campaign.

How can I get free fish and chips?

Every Friday from now until Friday the 29th of February 2024 Sarson’s will be reimbursing the costs of 50 portions of fish and chips every single week. So, 50 people weekly can get a free dinner every week for the rest of the year!

You’ll need to take a photo of your order from your local chippy along with a bottle or sachet of Sarson’s vinegar (promotional signage of the campaign counts too!) and upload your photo and receipt to for the chance to get your Friday dinner for free.

So, if Fridays aren’t a regular takeaway day for you it might be time to make it a new tradition.

If you think this sounds great but you’re actually not a huge fan of ordering fish from the chippy, there’s no need to fear as there are a few meals you can order which will count as part of the offer!

You can order:

  • Fish and chips
  • Scampi and chips
  • Sausage and chips
  • Pie and chips
  • Chicken and chips
  • Burger and chips
  • Just chips as a side dish
fish and chips

Plus, if you don’t eat fish any vegetarian or vegan alternatives will count too so if your local does vegan burgers or vegan fish you can still take part in the competition.

You’ll only be allowed to enter once per week and the maximum value of the meal that will be covered by Sarson’s will be £11, not including drinks or sides.

Oh and one last thing! Sarson’s will also be visiting some of the most popular seaside locations across the UK this summer and giving away unlimited fish and chips for the day. The fish and chip drops are pretty secret, so you’ll want to follow Sarson’s on Instagram and Twitter (@Sarsonsuk) to find out more and keep an eye out for more details on these exclusive drops.

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