Here’s How To Get Free Cocktails At Over 350 Bars
Here’s How To Get Free Cocktails At Over 350 Bars

Here’s How To Get Free Cocktails At Over 350 Bars

Need a pick-me-up this month?

Let’s face it, January can be tough. With exams and uni stress paired with bad weather and the pressure to stick to your New Year’s resolutions and goals, it’s no wonder January normally ranks fairly low on people’s favourite months of the year.

Luckily, this January you can get a free cocktail to brighten your mood, although, there is a slight twist.

How can I get a free cocktail?

Everleaf is a brand serving up the tastiest non-alcoholic cocktails and beverages and will be giving out free cocktails all January. Yep, to celebrate Dry January these cocktails won’t actually have alcohol in them, but it’s the perfect excuse to get down to the pub regardless and enjoy yourself without alcohol.

Over 350 bars in England and Scotland will be serving up the tasty cocktails, meaning you can not only get a free drink but you also won’t have to break Dry January. Plus, this is a great opportunity to get out, get some fresh air and meet up with your friends, even if you’re lacking motivation due to the bleakness of winter.

The full list of participating venues can be found here and includes chains such as Bills and The Botanist as well as independent venues and hotels.


All you need to do is order an Everleaf cocktail, take a photo and send it to Everleaf who will refund you for your order. The scheme aims to not only treat customers to something nice but also help out the hospitality industry which typically struggles during January, and because of this even though the drinks will be free to all customers, the venue will still be paid in full, so it’s a win-win all around.

So, whether you are doing Dry January or you’re still drinking but don’t want to miss out on the chance to grab a free drink head down to your local participating venue by the 31st of January to claim your free cocktail!

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