Here’s How To Get Free & Cheap Fast Food Every Single Time
Here’s How To Get Free & Cheap Fast Food Every Single Time

Here’s How To Get Free & Cheap Fast Food Every Single Time

Kickstart 2023 with these essential fast food hacks!

Who doesn’t love a food hack? If you’re on a budget this year, make note of all of these tricks and hacks to help you save some cash at all of your favourite fast food places through January and beyond.

McDonald’s Chicken Selects Hack

Thanks to TikTok, there’s a hack going around showing how you can get four Chicken Selects for less than half price! TikToker @yerboidazza showed his followers an UberEats hack, where you have the option to remove everything from a burger or wrap. He found that if you select two wraps of the day and remove everything but the chicken, you’ll end up with four chicken selects for just £3.98 –– a box of 4 Chicken Selects will normally set you back £4.30. What a genius hack!


how I got four chicken selects for less than the price of three chicken selects. no one tell Ronald.

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Burger King January hacks

There are a bunch of hacks and tricks you can try at Burger King this month to help you save some cash too!

Here’s what you can try:

£1.99 burgers — every Monday you can get a Plant-Based Whopper or Vegan Royale for just £1.99 to help celebrate Meat Free Mondays, and on Wednesday regular Whoppers will also be £1.99.

99p fries — download the Burger King app to get fries for just 99p every day of the week.

Triple Texas BBQ Stacker for £3 — the Texas BBQ Stacker which is a triple patty burger is available for just £3 exclusively on the app, or if you prefer a double patty it’s £2 or just £1 for a single patty.

Turn two burgers into three — you’ll earn 10 points for every £1 spent on the Burger King app so if you spend £15 on two burgers, you’ll get 300 points, meaning you’ll have enough for a free double cheeseburger.

Receipt surveys — keep hold of your Burger King receipt and fill out the online survey, you’ll get a code you can show the next time you visit which allows you to redeem a Whopper for free.

App discounts — the app also has items for lower prices such as chilli cheese bites or chicken nuggets, so order from the app if you can.

Student discounts — don’t forget to use your Student Beans account to claim a free Whopper JR when you spend £4.

McDonald’s receipt hack

Another McDonald’s hack could see you saving nearly £3 on your regular order. All you have to do is check the unique 12-digit code at the bottom of your receipt and enter this online to the survey website McDonald’s Food for Thoughts.

You’ll need to complete a quick questionnaire about your food and dining experience and then you’ll receive a 5-digit code to write on your receipt. Then simply take your receipt back to any McDonald’s store and you’ll be able to redeem a Big Mac, Fillet-O-Fish or Vegetable Deluxe with either fries or a side salad for just £1.99.

Every item you purchase from McDonald’s will have a survey code on the receipt and you can use this hack with every single receipt that you get, so don’t throw them away!

Don’t forget to check out all of our food and drinks student discounts on Student Beans to help you save even more at your favourite fast food places.