Here’s How To Get £15 Off Your Next Deliveroo Order

You deserve a takeaway tonight.

We’ve all been there. Hungover, tired or just not in the mood to cook but after checking our bank balance, realising a takeaway is not an option.

Sometimes, we just want a Domino’s or a Nando’s and no amount of homemade “fakeaway” recipes will make up for that.

If you’re an avid Deliveroo user and are constantly scouring the internet for a deal or discount code to get some money off your favourite takeaway, you’ll know that while Deliveroo deals do happen regularly they’re often super specific or just not available at the time you really want that Nando’s.

Luckily, there’s a way you can actually get some decent money back off your next order and it’s by using a super simple hack that all students need to know about.

How can I get £15 off Deliveroo?

First of all, you’re going to want to sign up for the money-saving website Topcashback. This is a really simple and legit way to get rewarded for shopping online or ordering takeaways and get some money back when you spend.

All you have to do to take advantage of this new offer is:

  • Sign up for Topcashback here
  • Click through to Deliveroo and order as you would usually
  • Enjoy your takeaway and wait for £15 to be transferred back into your account

Topcashback is completely free to use and you’re able to transfer the £15 straight back to your bank account about a week after you receive it.

This means that if you order a takeaway or snacks from Deliveroo that cost £15, you’ll get 100% cashback and essentially get your whole order for free. If you do spend more than £15, you’ll only be spending a fraction of the total price, as you will eventually get £15 back which means in girl math terms it’s basically free.

This deal is only available to new Topcashback members and the offer is running until the 30th of June 2024. Once you are signed up to Topcashback there are also loads of other deals and opportunities to get cash back from UK retailers and shops, so it’s worth checking out as an easy way to save some money.

So, if you’re really craving a takeaway tonight but don’t want to part with the money now you can get one and know you’ll get the money back eventually anyway.

Don’t forget that we have loads of food student discounts on Student Beans, to help you save some money every time you’re craving your favourite takeaway. Whether you fancy Greggs, Papa John’s, Tortilla or LEON make sure that you’re checking our app before you order your favourite food to check if you can save yourself some money.