Got A Car? You Can Claim A Free £20 Amazon Voucher

Time to refresh your Amazon wishlist.

Let’s face it, Amazon is a student’s best friend.

From affordable and cosy room decor that can make halls look less prison like to bulk-buying snacks— you can literally find anything and everything you could possibly need on there to make your life easier. If you’re a bit of an Amazon addict, you’ll know that £20 can go a long way and we’ve found a handy way you can get a free £20 Amazon voucher to spend on whatever you like.

All you need to claim this £20 voucher is a car, or you need to be planning on buying a car soon— so don’t worry if you haven’t passed your test yet you could still take advantage of this offer.

How can I get a free £20 Amazon voucher?

All you have to do to get the free £20 Amazon voucher is open a new car insurance policy via MoneySuperMarket. If you drive or are learning to drive you’ll know that car insurance is super expensive right now, so even if you have an existing policy it might be worth switching your insurance provider to find a cheaper deal.

With MoneySuperMarket you can compare quotes and find the best insurance policy for you, whether you’ve been driving for a while or are a new driver hoping to pass your test soon (we believe in you). Whether you’re switching insurance or opening a policy for the first time, all you have to do is use MoneySuperMarket to find a quote and sign up for your new car insurance policy and the free Amazon voucher will be yours.

Once you’ve bought your new car insurance policy via MoneySuperMarket and it’s been active for 90 days your free Amazon gift card will be validated as long as you’ve met the T&Cs which you can find out more about right here.

So not only will you potentially be able to get cheaper car insurance, but you’ll also be able to get a £20 Amazon voucher which you can use to kit out your car with essential upgrades or anything you want— from uni books to kitchen items.

This is an ongoing offer from MoneySuperMarket so there’s no rush to take out a new policy, but keep an eye on their offer page in case anything changes.

MoneySuperMarket also allows you to compare quotes for contents insurance, broadband and phones and often offers similar freebies or deals when you take out other policies, so keep an eye out if you’re considering buying any new tech products or insurance.