Get Paid £16,000 To Taste Test Ice Cream & Get A Degree
Get Paid £16,000 To Taste Test Ice Cream & Get A Degree

Get Paid £16,000 To Taste Test Ice Cream & Get A Degree

Love ice cream? We’ve found the degree for you!

For a lot of us, we’re steered towards traditional degree subjects and aren’t really given a huge amount of insight into other more unusual career paths.

It turns out there are a lot of weird and wonderful jobs out there that need applicants with specialist knowledge. If the idea of a regular 9-5 has never been your thing, you’re in luck as one of these more unusual but very fun-sounding jobs includes ice cream tasting.

How can I get paid to eat ice cream?

If you’re a big lover of ice cream, Unilever offers an apprenticeship where you could quite literally be paid to taste ice cream as your job.

Apprenticeships are a great alternative to a degree as you can get paid while learning and you get the opportunity to get into a range of specific trades. It turns out that ice cream testing is a serious profession and you could study and learn to become an ice cream developer and come up with new flavours and ranges.

The Unilever Food Professional degree apprenticeship pays between £16,000-£17,999 per year and gives students the opportunity to study for a BSc in Food Science and Technology while working. Your job would be to come up with new ice creams, beverages, and food items while working with the food research team to develop new products and more sustainable ice cream products. Of course, this will also come with a lot of taste testing to make sure these products are fit to hit the shelves.

ben & jerry's ice cream

The apprenticeship lasts for 60 months and you’ll get your degree and learn real-life skills in food development and research at the same time. Unilever brands include Ben & Jerry’s, Cornetto, Magnum, Solero, Carte D’or, Vienetta, and Wall’s, which is basically the majority of the UK’s ice cream supply. You’ll be working with the biggest and best ice cream brands to develop new ideas!

Plus, other Unilever brands include Pot Noodle, Marmite, and Hellman’s, so there could be some room for some cross-over taste testing too.

If you want to apply you can right here, but be quick as applications are sure to come in quickly!

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