Get Paid Every Time You Do A Food Shop With This Hack
Get Paid Every Time You Do A Food Shop With This Hack

Get Paid Every Time You Do A Food Shop With This Hack

Here’s an easy way to get paid every single time you do your weekly food shop.

With the cost of living crisis, we’re all looking for ways to cut back the costs on essentials such as the weekly shop, however, food and groceries is still a huge living expense that adds up.

While there are lots of ways you can cut costs such as switching to own name brands or signing up for points schemes, there’s another hack you can try that essentially pays you to do your shopping. Here’s what you need to know.

How can you get paid to shop?

The best way to earn some cashback while you’re doing your shopping is to see what your bank offers. Not many people realise that with a standard bank account you can earn cashback as a benefit, and Halifax, HSBC, Natwest and Santander are among those that will reward you for shopping.

You will need to activate your in-store rewards which you may need to do from your online banking account. For many banks, you can choose from a wide range of retailers and select the ones you shop at and then you will start receiving cashback every time you shop there. Different banks are partnered with different retailers, so it’s worth doing some research here.

This means that you can do your weekly shop at a range of different retailers, as different shops offer varying levels of cashback that can easily build up over time. You can also use loyalty cards such as your Clubcard for Tesco or Nectar card at Sainsbury’s to get rewards at the same time, as well as earning cashback by paying on your bank card!

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A lot of people don’t know about this, as you normally have to go into your online banking app and select the offers you want to use, however, once they’ve been activated it’s super easy to earn money back while you’re shopping.

So, it’s worth checking your bank account to see what you can get, or if your bank account doesn’t offer cashback deals, it may be worth switching to help you earn some extra cash while you’re doing your weekly shop.

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