Get Paid £1,000 By Drinking Milkshakes

Time to stock up on Frijj milkshakes.

There’s nothing like a Frijj milkshake to cure your cravings. Whether your go-to flavour is banana or fudge brownie, you could be in with the chance of winning some serious cash just for drinking milkshakes thanks to a brand new (or should we say moo) competition that’s currently running— and you’re going to have to listen out to win.

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How can I get paid £1,000 by drinking milkshakes?

What student doesn’t want a free £1,000? Well, to be in with the chance of winning you’re going to want to make a few regular trips down to your local Tesco and stock up on Frijj milkshakes. That’s because there are 100 chances to win £1,000 by finding a special promotional bottle and you’ll have to listen out to see if you’re a winner.

All you have to do is buy a Frijj milkshake and listen out to see if it moos. Uh yeah, you read that right, the special winning bottles of Frijj will moo to you as you open the lid. So, when you open your Frijj milkshake you’ll need to listen out as all the winning bottles have a special feature which will omit a mooing sound to signal you’ve won.

It’s pretty simple— hear a moo and win £1,000. So basically, all you have to do is drink as many Frijj milkshakes as your heart desires and hold out for hearing a moo from your bottle. Luckily, to make it a bit easier the eligible bottles will have promotional packaging, so you’ll know if you’re buying a potential winner.

How can I claim my prize?

The following Frijj milkshakes are part of the promotion:

  • Frijj Strawberry 330ml
  • Frijj Banana 330ml
  • Frijj Chocolate 330ml
  • Frijj Fudge Brownie 330ml
  • Frijj Cookie Dough 33ml

If you are lucky enough to find a mooing bottle you’ll need to retain the bottle and the cap in order to verify your prize. The winning bottles will also have an information leaflet so you’ll know you’re a winner without having to hear the moo noise.

If you’re a winner you can claim your £1,000 by calling the number on your winning leaflet and you can find out more info on the Frijj competition website right here.

There are 100 mooing bottles out there, and each winner will receive £1,000 to spend on whatever you would like. These mooing Frijj bottles are hidden in shops now and the competition is running until the 5th of October 2024— so you have plenty of time to try and find a special bottle and enjoy all the milkshakes you like.

So, get down to your local shop and stock up on Frijj milkshakes now and hope for the best.