love island people partying in the sunset beach party
love island people partying in the sunset beach party

Here’s How You Can Get Paid £500 To Watch Love Island This Year

Yep, you can really get paid to be a Love Island professional. Here’s how.

Are you a Love Island fanatic? We bet you’re super happy it returned to screens a couple of days ago and we’re already seeing ultimate cringy moments that we simply can’t get enough of.

And if you’re not in the Love Island spirit yet, maybe you will be, thanks to WKD’s latest opportunity.

The sparkling alcoholic brand is offering £500 to someone to watch the series, more specifically, a “Love Island Professional.” Obviously you’ll need to be 18+, as they’re naturally going to supply you with some free bevvies, like their Limited Edition WKF Pink Love Island flavour. 

Sounds super sweet to us!

Still not convinced? You’ll also receive two tickets to Love Island Aftersun, hosted by the one and only Laura Whitmore. How cool would it be to go with your bestie!?

What does a Love Island professional need to do?

This will involve a few late nights catching up on the goss, the feuds, the lies and, more importantly, keeping track of who’s coupled up with who (which we all know can be a minefield in itself).

You’ll have to report your thoughts and findings to WKD, so you’ve really gotta love the show to get involved.

How do I get paid to watch Love Island?

Think you’re the right person for the job? Apply to watch Love Island and explain why you should be this year’s WKD Love Island professional.

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