Get Paid £500 To Interrail Across Europe This Summer

You could get paid to travel to some of Europe’s most popular destinations this summer!

If you’re a keen traveller, you’ll know that train travel is one of the smartest ways to travel across Europe. Sleeper trains are one of the lesser-known ways to hop from destination to destination, because not only will you get to experience some amazing views, but you’ll also get a comfortable place to sleep too and it can be much cheaper than flying!

So, whether you’ve been interrailing before or not, you could now be paid to try it out and review some of the latest sleeper train routes.

sleeper train

How can I get paid to travel across Europe?

The storage company Radical Storage is looking for one lucky person to be a ‘Night Train Tester’ to review the latest sleeper train routes. The lucky candidate will have all expenses paid for and will get paid £500 for it as well!

You would be paid to travel on the new routes in exchange for writing about the experience and reviewing the Radical Storage services you use, as well as snapping a few photos and videos along the way. Along with getting to travel on 5 different night train rides for free, you’ll also get a month-long interrailing pass and a month’s worth of free luggage storage.

If you want to apply, you can right here by the 5th of July. You’ll need to be over 18 and be able to take high-quality videos and photos while you’re on your trip.

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