Get £25 Worth Of FREE Shopping From Asda With This Hack

Get £25 Worth Of FREE Shopping From Asda With This Hack

You can save on your weekly shop thanks to this simple TikTok hack.

With the cost of living crisis you’ve probably made some changes or switched to cheaper alternatives for your regular shop, but thanks to inflation and constantly rising prices you’re probably finding that your grocery shopping still costs a big chunk of your monthly expenses.

Thankfully, a viral TikTok video from user @Chloesdealclub has shown how you can get £25 worth of free shopping from Asda.

You can take advantage of this offer thanks to Uber Eats, which is currently running a deal where you can save £25 when you spend £50 at Asda.

@chloesdealclub This is too good a deal for you to miss #moneysavingtipsuk #moneysavinghacksuk #howtosavemoney ♬ original sound – Chloe’s Deal Club

This is a nationwide deal that’s running until September 30th and doesn’t require any discount codes, the promotion will be applied to your basket automatically. This is also an unlimited deal, so you can order from Asda as many times as you like and still get the £25 off for as long as the promotion is running.

Best of all is that you can do your grocery shopping straight from your bed and have it delivered to your front door within the next hour!

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