Iceland competition for free chicken products. Supermarket trolley
Iceland competition for free chicken products. Supermarket trolley

Get Free Food For A Whole Year From This Supermarket

Free chicken for a year? Yes, please!

Yep, you’ve read that correctly. A whole year of free food? Dreams really do come true. Or at least for the five people who find the hidden V.I.C cards in Iceland supermarkets.

Iceland are giving away five free versions of their ‘black card’ — V.I.C cards (Very Important Chicks). While it might sound like a bit of a sexist title, the cards are actually aimed at celebrating mums, with the lucky shoppers who find them receiving a year’s worth of free frozen chicken. And that’s why mums go to Iceland. 

Their V.I.C cards can be used to purchase from a huge selection of 215 frozen chicken products, including your fave brands. Think My Protein and TGIF, as well as Iceland branded produce.

The supermarket will hide five of these V.I.C cards in stores across the country, giving shoppers the chance to grab one if they find one lurking in the aisles. Don’t worry though, it’s not just open to mums, anyone can hunt for the cards. If you’re blessed with eyes like a hawk and manage to find one in store, all you have to do is show it to an Iceland member of staff who will verify it for you. Easy!

Finders keepers, losers weepers.

But that isn’t the only way you can be in with a chance to win some free food. Because let’s be real, there’s a lot of Iceland stores across the UK, so pretty slim chances that any one of us could spy a sacred V.I.C sitting amongst canned goods.

Iceland shoppers can nominate a special someone to win via Iceland’s Instagram page. All you have to do is like their post and tag someone who deserves to win — it’s really that simple! The competition ends at midnight on the 22nd May and the winner will be randomly selected, fingers crossed.

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