Get £100s Every Year Just For Shopping & Buying Petrol
Get £100s Every Year Just For Shopping & Buying Petrol

Get £100s Every Year Just For Shopping & Buying Petrol

If you drive often, you could now regularly earn the cost of petrol back.

Driving isn’t cheap and with the rising costs of petrol teamed with car insurance and road tax, it can really add up when it comes to budgeting per month.

Luckily, there’s a new bank account you can switch to which will help you save £100s on driving per year!

How can I get paid for buying petrol?

Martin Lewis has highlighted a new bank account which will pay those who drive and regularly buy petrol or diesel. The Santander Edge account has been launched this year and you could earn over £100 a year back if you regularly purchase petrol or go shopping.

All you have to do is open a new Santander Edge account, which is free to switch to from your current bank account. Those who open an account will need to pay in a minimum of £500 a month (so, you can add in any earnings from a part-time job or student loan) and you’ll get 1% cashback on bills (up to £10 per month) and 1% cashback on food shopping, petrol and travel.

This means that if you’re a regular driver you could easily earn back the full £10 every month, which could add up to £120 cashback a year.


What benefits will I get from opening an account?

As well as the cashback offer which works on both petrol and bills, meaning you’ll get money back on buying essentials, the Santander Edge account also offers some other incentives. Those who sign up will get paid £200 to switch, this means that essentially you’ll be getting free money just for opening an account. With the cost of living crisis, an extra £200 can go a long way when it comes to food shopping and bills, so, if you’re someone who drives this is definitely worth looking into!

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