Flights To The Sunniest Destination In Europe Are Just £17 Right Now

If you’re thinking about a sunny getaway, now’s the perfect time to book.

Let’s face it, the UK weather hasn’t exactly warmed up for spring yet as it has in previous years. If you’re thinking about booking a quick weekend away before the stress of exams or want to get planning for summer, now’s your chance to bag cheap tickets before the holiday season kicks off in full swing.

Where’s the sunniest destination in Europe?

A new study conducted at Betway has revealed that the sunniest destination in Europe is Barcelona. This is based on the number of daylight hours, average temperature, and rainfall. Barcelona ranks highly on all of these, and with it being just a short flight from the UK it’s the perfect quick getaway location.

On top of being super sunny and attracting over 33 million tourists a year, flights to Barcelona are relatively cheap too and you can book now using Ryanair to get flights for just £17 from Bristol! Of course, if you don’t want to fly from Bristol or don’t want to fly for a while, you may have to pay more but with Easyjet and Ryanair both flying from the UK to Barcelona, you’re sure to be able to score cheap and affordable tickets all year around–– but especially now, before summer kicks off.

Other cities that ranked highly for sunny getaways include Nice, Valencia and Malaga and as a country, Portugal is one of the sunniest in general!

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