These Companies Pay You To Refer a Friend

Make extra cash from your couch, your bed…wherever you are.

Want to make cash with minimal effort? Simply getting your friends to join a provider you use can pocket you around £50+ without much work at all.

Here are some companies that’ll literally pay you to refer a friend.


When you trade in an item with musicMagpie, you’ll get £5 for every friend you refer (provided they trade in too!).

Refer a friend on musicMagpie.


By simply sharing Iceland’s £6 off a £45 to friends who haven’t shopped with them before, you can get £6 off a £60 shop. It’s possible to make multiple referrals too.

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Virgin Media

Are you with Virgin Media? Referring a friend to this broadbrand provider can earn you up to £50 in cash. This can be higher if there’s a promotion running.

You’ll receive the cash referral once your pal’s broadband is either installed or delivered.


We’re sure some of you are thinking about future travel plans for 2022.

Airbnb have a referral schem that gets a friend 10% off their booking, or up to £300 off and £9 to use toward an experience worth £36 or more – you will earn up to £23 travel credit.


Send 1p to a mate who doesn’t have a PayPal account and when they sign up and spend £5+ you will get a £5 bonus. You can get up to a maximum of 5 sign-ups, giving you £25 for free!


Curve is a card that connects all of your bank accounts, meaning you just need to take the one card out with you.

If you have one already, simply use the “Share Curve & Get £5†feature to a friend and you’ll both get £5 worth of points on Curve once they’ve made their first purchase with the card.

Giff Gaff

GiffGaff’s refer-a-friend scheme lets you earn £5 for every friend you successfully get to join the network. They’ll also get £5 too.

Check out GiffGaff student discounts here.


You may have heard of Topcashback already, but did you know you could get up to £20 for referring a friend? Plus, some friends can get a £5 gift depending on what incentives are running.

Even more reason to get on it!


QuidCo is another popular cashback site that lets you earn between £7.50-£10 when you refer a friend with your unique link.


myMoneyPocket’s Tell-A-Friend bonus lets you earn £5 with your unique referral link. They’re a pretty brand new cashback website and great to have on the go alongside Topcashback and QuidCo.

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