Boots Wants To Give You Free Beauty Products To Test

If you’re obsessed with everything beauty-related, you can now apply to test top products for free.

Let’s face it, if you have a bit of a makeup and skincare obsession you’ll know that this is not a cheap hobby. If you’ve ever watched influencers unbox endless packages of PR and freebies from your favourite brands, you’ve probably felt a little bit jealous or wished that you could receive freebies too.

Well, the good news is that now you can, as Boots is looking for product testers! So if you love beauty and cosmetics and are willing to give honest feedback this could be the dream side gig.

How can I test beauty products for free?

Reviews are a really important part of the beauty industry. If you’ve ever been influenced to buy (or not buy) a product based on a review, you’ll know how impactful someone else’s opinion can be when it comes to making a beauty purchase.

A lot of potential buyers will want to know whether the product they’re thinking of getting is worth the money, is good quality and actually looks good–– and reviews can help them to make that choice. Boots recognises the value of reviews when it comes to boosting sales and helping people find their perfect products and is looking for new members of their Boots review panel.

Applications are now open again to join the review panel, where you could be sent products in exchange for leaving an honest review on the Boots website. The best thing is, Boots are looking for average everyday people to participate of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. You don’t need to have loads of Instagram or TikTok followers to apply and be chosen. You also won’t need to necessarily create content around the freebies you receive, but you will need to review them thoroughly.

If you’re interested in makeup and skincare, this is a great and fun opportunity to get some freebies, especially during the cost of living crisis so it’s well worth signing up for! Of course, not every applicant will be successful and applicants are most likely chosen based on certain criteria that match the products Boots need reviewing the most. For example, if they want reviews on new anti-aging products, students aren’t the best option.

However, while applications are open for now it’s definitely worth checking out and seeing if you’re one of the lucky few who gets chosen!

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