christmas markets waffle and crepe stall
christmas markets waffle and crepe stall

Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market 2022: Dates, Times, Stalls & More Details

Here’s everything you need to know about the Birmingham Christmas Markets

The Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market is one of the most exciting times of year for those local to the city. And even if you’re not, it’s well worth the trip out to witness everything it has to offer.

We’ll cover everything you possibly need to know, such as opening times, what to see when you’re there, food and drink to try and much more. It’s going to be the most exciting Christmas market event in Birmingham yet!

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Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market 2022 dates

The Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Markets in 2022 officially open from Thursday 3rd November to Friday 23rd December 2022.

Birmingham German Christmas Market opening and closing times (2022)

The markets will be open daily from 10am to 9pm, where you can get access to tons of market stalls selling food and gifts. The opening times on Remembrance Sunday (13th November) will be from 1pm to 9pm only. Check back on the official Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market site for up-to-date information on opening and closing times for 2022. 

Where is the Birmingham Christmas Market?

birmingham frankfurt christmas market christmas lights market view

The markets run from right outside the front door at Rotunda on New Street, all the way to the top of New Street and into Victoria Square outside the Town Hall and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. The markets are usually over a  kilometre long, meaning there’ll be tons to see. 

Plus, it’s a great place to meet up with family and friends and enjoy the live music programme on Victoria Square too! 

How do I get to the market? 

The Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Markets are super accessible by any mode of transport. Here are some details below.

By train

You can get the train to Birmingham New Street from where it’s about a two minute walk to the market. At the time of writing, there are planned rail strikes, which affect both West Midlands Metro and operators across the region. We’re uncertain how things will go with the train network, but we recommend planning ahead. Keep up to date with rail travel news on

By car

Birmingham city centre will be extremely busy in the run up to Christmas. We recommend walking or taking public transport. Otherwise, you’ll need to park up pretty early to get a spot. If you do decide to drive, both the NCP Birmingham New Street car park and the Grand Central car park are only a few minutes’ walk from the markets.

Plus, the Birmingham Christmas market is located within the Birmingham Clean Air Zone. This means your vehicle may be eligible for charges. Visit to find out more, so you can avoid any fines.

Disabled visitor information 

Wheelchair and Scooter Loan

Need a wheelchair or scooter for transport? Hire electric and manual vehicles at the Shopmobility Centre within the Bullring. We’d advise ringing ahead of time on 0121 632 1526 to see what your options are and if you can pre-book to avoid disappointment on the day of your visit.

In regards to disabled access, the whole market can be accessed by wheelchair users and visitors with mobility impairments. It is possible to take a route that avoids steps, although there is a slight incline at the Victoria Square end.

Can I bring an assisted guide dog?

Yes, visitors with assistance dogs are welcome. Just be wary that the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Markets can get particularly busy on Friday and Saturday evenings. 

10 things to do at the Birmingham Xmas German Markets

carousel at birmingham frankfurt christmas market

1. Eat Bratwurst

This pork sausage is a huge hit in Germany. Many people look forward to having it in the form of a hot dog during the Christmas markets, and completing it with a layer of fried onions, ketchup, mustard, or even currywurst!

Some bratwurst stands are sold as standard pork sausages, but you may find variations such as spicy ones, cheese-filled sausages, beef and much more.

2. Weissbier

AKA “wheat beer”. Weissbeer uses at least 50% wheat to barley malt to make a light coloured top-fermenting beer, and usually has a fruity aroma. It’s on the sour side, and close to 15 international bitterness units.

3. Drink mulled wine

And if you’re not a beer lover, then mulled wine (or in German: “gluhwein”) might be more your things. They’re often the stars of the show come Christmas market time too. Mulled wine comes in a variety of flavours and every market will sell a different variety. 

4. Eat Dutch Pancakes

Mini Dutch pancakes just taste so different to pancakes you make at home. You’ll often get a number of mini pancakes in a tray and a small fork. You can top your Dutch pancakes with tons of flavours like Nutella, Biscoff, maple syrup and many others.

5. Watch live music

Music at the Christmas Markets really gets the festive spirit going. They’ll often feature DJs and bands, alongside the standard yuletide bars and foodie traders. 

6. Shop unique Christmas gifts

The Christmas Markets in Birmingham are one of the best markets to get your Christmas shopping done. Why? Because traders come with some seriously unique gifts you might not find elsewhere. Think artisanal goods, hand-crafted items like clothing, bags and ornaments, jewellery and a ton of other gifting stalls. Speaking of cheese…

7. Try all the cheese

Yes, we mean all of them. The cheeses that come to the Christmas market are quite unique. You can get peculiar mixes of flavours like lavender, wasabi, pesto and other ingredients you otherwise wouldn’t find in the supermarket. Don’t forget to sample them before you buy!

8. Try crêpes

Crêpes are a traditional French dessert, and up there as one of the foodie highlights at a German Christmas market. Fill your crêpes with tons of ingredients like banana, strawberries, Nutella or even savoury items like cheese. 

9. Ride the carousel

Let your inner child out by taking a horse ride on the beautifully ornate carousel situated within the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas market. You’ll have tons of fun, especially if all of your mates hop on it too! 

10. Partake in Christmas singalongs

Spot the Christmas Moose and sing along with it. Birmingham’s singing Christmas moose (Chris Moose) is an attraction at the Christmas market in its own right. If it’s a Christmassy atmosphere you want, look no further. 

Do I need to bring ID?

Because alcohol is sold at Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market, extra steps are taken to ensure the selling of alcohol is responsible and abides by the law.

If you order alcohol from any stalls that sell them, they may use Challenge 25 and ask for ID to prove you’re 18 or older. 

So yes, it’s advisable to bring ID with you. Especially if you plan to order alcoholic beverages.

The following forms of ID can be used at these stalls:

  • A photographic driving license
  • Valid passport.

Stalls are under no obligation to accept other forms of ID that may prove your age.

Where should I park for the Birmingham Christmas Market?

If you decide to drive to the Birmingham Christmas Markets, you can use Bullring’s underground car park. Be advised however that it can get busy during the festive season.

There are various car parking spots which you can find using Parkopedia. In terms of main parking sports, you can find them on the City Council car park on Navigation Street. Be aware, however, that both car parks do not have a lift, and may therefore be unsuitable for some visitors.

Are there toilet facilities there?

Public toilets can be found at the junction of Victoria Square and Waterloo Street. Birmingham New Street also has toilets too and is only a few minutes’ walk away

Accessible toilet facilities for people with disabilities are also available on-site in the area adjacent to the stage on Victoria Square.

What is the history?

The Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market has been taking place yearly since 1997. It started off with a handful of stores, and throughout the years has expanded to tons more across various streets of Birmingham city centre. 

Why Frankfurt exactly? The market is affiliated with the Frankfurt Christmas Market in the city of Frankfurt, one of the oldest Christmas markets in Germany (dating from 1393), hence the name. Birmingham is twinned with Frankfurt too.

In terms of its opening times, the market has always been open to the public from around mid-November, all the way through to late December and closes before Christmas day. This is usually the case for other Christmas Markets around the UK.

We hope this has given you everything you can expect to experience at the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Markets this year. If you’re visiting, snap your experience and tag us on Instagram so we can have a look!