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Warwick University

Student Beans’ Best University Guide: University of Warwick

All you need to know about the University of Warwick.

Named as ‘world leading’ and ‘internationally excellent’ by leading bodies like the Research Excellence Framework (REF), Warwick University is widely recognised as a prestigious university. This is shown in its high percentages of graduates who secure a career within 15 months of leaving the uni.

But in our books, it’s much more than that. We’ve recognised Warwick as having the top student bar scene, with more pubs and bars per person than any other university city.

The university also boasts one of the most impressive celebrity alumni, with Ruth Jones being one of its previous graduates.

Vibe Check

But what is Warwick University really like? Let’s break down some key facts around Warwick University: 

  • There are a grand total of 110 pubs and bars in Warwick. Split that number between its tiny population of just over 35,000, and Warwick comes out as the BEST university city for pub lovers with a 0.313% per capita.
  • The roster of University of Warwick notable alumni is pretty sparse, but the one and only Ruth Jones (a la Gavin & Stacey) did study Theatre Studies and Dramatic Arts here. 
  • Want to keep up with Warwick Student News? Have a browse at Warwick University’s student newspaper, The Boar.
  • Students at universities in the West Midlands are one of the LEAST likely to catch Freshers Flu, with only 12% claiming to catch it (compared to 28% of Welsh university students). Check out our handy guide to battling Freshers Flu.

Picture this

With the highest ratio of bars and pubs to people compared to all other university cities, Warwick has a great array of cocktail bars to choose from. 

According to Google Maps, these are the top cocktail and coffee spots (if that’s more your thing) that you should try that are close to the Warwick University Campus:

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Is it tough to get into University of Warwick?

Being one of the top institutions in the University league tables, Warwick University has high expectations of its students.

In fact, the average entry tariff of its incoming students is 170 UCAS points. Though not as high as Cambridge’s average of 206, 170 UCAS points still looks like AABB, all at A-Level, so places at this uni are sure to be competitive.

Student satisfaction

It would be fair to say that the majority of Warwick graduates are happy with their university experiences — 84.6% say they were satisfied with their course and 85.1% with their teaching. Both these factors come in comfortably above the national averages.

The university boasts a healthy student to staff ratio too, with 12.8 students to every staff member on average. This may not sound like much, but some universities have a 1:26 teacher student ratio!

Warwick University accommodation must also be pretty good, with its average accommodation score of 3.92 creeping over the national average of 3.84.

Future prospects

Warwick University graduates often leave with top grades. In 2021, 51% secured an upper second-class honours degree while a further 36% bagged a coveted first-class honours.

After graduating with these high marks, 88% of Warwick graduates find a career after 15 months. This is well over the national average of 78% but falls short of top of the leaderboard’s Oxford and Cambridge’s 93% career success rates.


Tel: +44 (0)2476 523523

Email: student.recruitment@warwick.ac.uk

Web: warwick.ac.uk

Accommodation: accommodation@warwick.ac.uk

Popular FAQs about Warwick University

Where is Warwick University?

Warwick University is located in the country town of Warwick, nine miles south of the major city of Coventry.

How many students at Warwick University?

In 2021, Warwick University had a total enrolment of 29,534.

How to get to Warwick University?

If travelling by car, follow directions for CV4 7AL. As you get closer, there will be signs marked “University of Warwick” to guide you. If travelling by public transport, Coventry Rail Station is located four miles from Warwick University campus. From the station, you can catch the 12X bus to access the main campus.

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