Best shoes for a student night out in 2022
Best shoes for a student night out in 2022

Best Shoes For A Student Night Out in 2023

Planning your night out shoes can be stressful. Let’s face it, when it comes to going to clubs and bars putting together an outfit that’s both comfortable, fashionable and appropriate for the dress code is a pain and can take the fun out of the night.

If you’re wondering what shoes to wear on your student night out, here’s our complete guide to night out shoes for students and what to wear regardless of the dress code for a comfortable and fashionable night out.

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Casual night-out shoes


If you’re going on a casual night out, you can’t go wrong with a pair of trainers, but be warned they’ll probably get dirty and messy very quickly! Nike Air Force 1s, New Balance and Vans are popular choices for shoes that will be comfortable to wear all night long.

Air Force 1 07- Office, £110

Going out trainers

Air Force 1s are a classic shoe for all occasions. They make great going-out shoes as they’re comfortable, stylish and go with pretty much everything. However, be warned! As they’re probably going to get dirty and damaged very quickly if you’re wearing them out all the time.

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New Balance 574- Office, £94.99


A good option for bars or more casual nights out (where there won’t be a sticky floor!) the New Balance 574 come in a range of colours and are great going-out shoes as they’re comfortable and stylish and can be worn with anything.

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Vans Old Skool- schuh, £65


Vans Old Skool are a pair of shoes that every student should own, for both daytime and nighttime. Vans have a good reputation for being easy to clean and comfortable to wear all night long, so definitely consider adding a pair to your wardrobe to mix and match with your night-out outfits.

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Converse are a student favourite when it comes to shoes to wear for a night out, as they’re not only comfortable but they’re also fabric, meaning they can be easy to clean and wash if they get dirty.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Ox Trainers in White- ASOS, £77


The white low-top Converse is a classic style, and they look great with skirts or dresses as well as jeans. If they get dirty (which trust us, they will) just stick them in the washing machine and they’ll look good as new in no time.

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Black & White All Star Hi Trainers- schuh, £60


Let’s face it black high-top Converse have been a classic wardrobe staple for years, so if you’re considering buying a new pair of shoes to wear on nights out then these should be top of your list. The great thing about Converse (especially when they’re black!) is that they’ll literally last you for years and years to come.

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Boots are a great middle-ground option if you’re not sure what to wear. From Dr Martens to heeled boots, a pair of boots should be a staple in your student wardrobe for those casual but slightly smart nights out.

Topshop Blitz Ankle Boots- ASOS, £40

night out shoes

These Topshop boots have a chunky heel so they’re the perfect mix of smart and casual. The heel isn’t too high, so they won’t hurt your feet while you’re in a club all night long and they’d look great with jeans, skirts or a dress.

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Dr Martens 1460 Pascal Max- ASOS, £199

night out shoes

When you buy a pair of Dr Martens, they’ll literally last you your entire life. They may be an investment but a chunky pair of Dr Martens are a great alternative to wearing heels with a dress or jeans if you’re not a heels person and they make the perfect night out shoes.

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Smart shoes for going out

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are a smart shoe for clubs and bars that have a dress code, or if you’re wearing a nicer outfit than usual. They’re also comfortable and designed for walking in, so you’ll be able to wear them all night with no issues!

Selected Homme Blake Chelsea Boots- Office, £110


You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of smart black Chelsea boots like this pair from Office. The perfect versatile going out shoe!

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Blowfish Malibu Black Reeves Croc Chelsea Vegan Boots- schuh, £60

chelsea boots

These Chelsea boots are made from vegan leather and have a crocodile print effect. The flat heel means you can team them with skirts, jeans or dresses while being super comfortable all night.

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If you know that you’re going somewhere with a dress code, a pair of loafers will be your best friend. They’re smart, comfortable and normally pretty affordable so you can keep a pair in your wardrobe for those smarter occasions.

ASOS DESIGN Loafers In Black Faux Suede With Snaffle Detail- ASOS, £30

night out shoes

This faux suede pair of loafers from ASOS are affordable and a great addition to keep in the back of your wardrobe for those smarter and more formal occasions. Trust us, a day will come when you need to wear them!

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New Look Chunky Loafers With Chain Detail- ASOS, £29.99


These loafers from New Look are the perfect formal shoes, you can wear them with suits or trouser co-ords if you’re going somewhere with a dress code, plus they’re great for work too.

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Picture this, you’re going to your end-of-year ball, the races or you just want to make a good impression. Make sure you’ve got a pair of oxfords in your wardrobe, as they’ll always come in handy.

Brown Rome Toe Cap Oxford Shoes- schuh, £50

smart shoes

A classic brown pair of Oxfords are both timeless and comfortable. These are the perfect night-out shoe if you’re attending a summer ball or formal and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to wear them in uni.

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Maresco High Shine Toe Cap Oxford Shoes- Office, £69.99

night out shoes

If brown isn’t your thing, these black Oxfords are more versatile as they go with everything so you’ll definitely get lots of wear out of them on your formal nights out.

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Wearing heels is always a bit of a gamble because they can hurt after a while, they can be tricky to dance in and they can even unexpectedly snap. However, let’s face it, there are some outfits and some occasions where heels are the only answer. Luckily you can get good quality, inexpensive heels from places such as ASOS, EGO and PrettyLittleThing, so you can grab a few pairs for your big nights out.

Temelec Braided Perspex Strap Square Toe Stilleto Heel Mutle- EGO, £19.99

night out shoes

EGO has lots of styles of heels to wear to clubs and bars with a dress code. These braided mules are simple to team with a dress or jumpsuit and would look great for a fancy lunch or dinner or drinks at a bar.

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Clover Black Heeled Sandals- PrettyLittleThing, £20

clubbing heels

If you want one pair of heels that will go with absolutely everything, this is the pair for you. These heels are the classic night-out look you need thanks to the fact they will literally go with everything. They’re timeless, classic and simple, so you’ll get plenty of use out of them.

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ASOS Design Nobu Strappy Tie Leg Heeled Sandals- ASOS, £26

night out shoes

These gold strappy heels will add a touch of glam to any outfit. If you prefer a thinner and higher heel they’ll elevate any outfit and will make sure that you’re not stopped at any entrance for not following the dress code.

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Club shoe dress codes

Clubs can be a mixture of both relaxed and more formal. On the whole, the majority of student clubs or student union-run events won’t have a strict dress code, whereas other clubs may expect you to dress a certain way. No one wants to be turned away on the door, so definetly check and see if the club you’re going to has a dress code before you head out!

Some clubs are casual 90% of the time but have certain events where you’ll be expected to dress your best, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you plan your night out.

For most student nights, you can probably get away with trainers, Converse or comfy boots but if you want to go all out in heels or smarter shoes, no one’s going to stop you!

Bar shoe dress codes

You can normally get a good idea of the bar dress code based on what type of bar you’re going to. Student bars and pubs won’t have a dress code, so trainers are good to go. However, if you’re heading out to a fancier bar that’s not neccesarily targeted at the student demographic you’ll probably be expected to follow a dress code.

You’ll be able to find the dress code on the bar website, so make sure you double check whether you’ll need to bring your heels or whether trainers are ok before you head out.

Remember to wear what you’re comfortable in

Heels are uncomfortable, and can honestly ruin a night. If you are wearing heels, make sure you’re wearing a pair that you’re comfortable walking in (both inside and outside!) and that are broken in, as this can be the biggest mistake when going out in heels.

If a dress code is smart it doesn’t always have to equal wearing heels, and if you’d be more comfortable in some flat sandals or boots instead this will still follow the dress code. At the end of the day, going on a night out is supposed to be fun, so just wear what you’re comfortable in and try not to stress about it.

How to make heels more comfortable

The golden question. If you’re struggling with uncomfortable heels, you can try wearing them around your house to break them in before wearing them out. There are also sprays that you can buy that help to make heels more comfortable and gel pads and cushions are cheap and can help to take some of the pressure off.

How to clean white shoes

If your shoes are destroyed from going to clubs and a baby wipe won’t do, you can try mixing a tablespoon of hot water with a tablespoon of white vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda. Mix them together to form a paste and apply to your shoes using an old toothbrush, leave to air for a few hours then brush off the paste.

What trainers to wear with dresses

If you’re going to team trainers with your dress, try and choose a neutral or plain colour of trainers such as black or white. Nike Air Force 1s, Converse All Star Hi tops and Vans make great shoes to team with a smarter dress.