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Best Cheap Student Broadband Deals In 2023

*Updated on 5 January 2023

Students need the cheapest broadband deals they can get to stretch their budgets as far as possible. But, with tons of student broadband deals on the market, it can be pretty overwhelming trying to find the best price.

We’ve researched the best broadband deals to keep your bills as low as possible while you’re as uni. So, check out our price comparison table what it’ll cost you to get broadband from brands like EE, TalkTalk, Virgin, BT, Sky, NOW and more.

In this guide:

Broadband deals comparison table

Below is a table of cheap student broadband deals to choose from (excluding set-up fees as these are sometimes subject to change).

Broadband Average speed Contract length Cost per month
NOW broadband 63 Mpbs 12 months £22
Virgin Media student broadband 362 Mpbs 18 months £27 (usually £56)
Cuckoo broadband 80 Mpbs 12 months £29.99
BT broadband 67 Mpbs 12 months £38.99
Plusnet broadband 17-25 Mpbs 18 months £41.75
Sky broadband 145 Mpbs 18 months £30
Hyperoptic broadband 150 Mpbs 12 months £32
TalkTalk broadband 152 Mpbs 18 months £29.95
EE broadband 26 Mpbs 24 months £27
Utility Warehouse 36 Mpbs 18 months £21.60
Onestream broadband 45 Mpbs 12 months £18.95 (usually £34.95)

*Correct as of 5 January 2023

Where can I get a student discount on broadband?

Tons of the brands we mentioned above also offer student discount! These include:

  1. Hyperoptic student discount — Get flexible full fibre broadband from £20 a month
  2. BT student discount — Get BT broadband from just £31.99 for 9 months
  3. Virgin student discount — Get Superfast Student Wi-Fi from £27 per month.

Broadband student discounts and deals

Ideal broadband speeds for large student houses

If you’re wondering what broadband speed should I get for my student house, then it’s worth asking the following questions:

  • How many people will be using the broadband at once?
  • When will the household be using the broadband the most?
  • What is the household using the broadband for?
  • Do people in the household game or stream in high resolution?

Broadband speed is measured in megabits, with a higher broadband speed meaning you can do things like download files and stream content in higher quality.

The speed of your home broadband is important, especially if there are multiple people using the wi-fi at the same time. If it isn’t fast enough for the number of housemates you live with or what you do online, you’re likely to experience delays, connection issues and bad quality – especially when everyone tries to get online at the same time.

Fibre optic broadband is one of the best ways to stay connected due to the fast speeds, and this is doubly important if you live with (or are yourself) a gamer. If you stream in 4K, you’ll need fast broadband speed. Here’s a good explainer if you’re after more info about broadband speeds.

Best ways to get cheaper broadband

person browsing google on the internet

These companies pay you to refer a friend. But, if you want to go with another provider, here are some ways to get cheap broadband as a student and beyond:

1. Haggle

If you have proof of an offer from another provider, use your “new customer” playing card to your advantage.

2. Phrase your broadband negotiations carefully

If the discount is still too small or your household simply can’t afford the monthly amount, here are some phrases to try and sway them in your favour:

  • “'[Insert broadband provider here] can do it for less…” (if you have the amount, even better)
  • “That’s a lot of money, is there anything you can do it bring it down?”
  • “I’m not sure we can afford that, are there any offers going before we try somewhere else?”

3. Don’t say yes to the first offer they give you

We understand this might be counterintuitive if you’ve left setting up your broadband too late. But if you can, use our tips above to try and bring the price down. Even if it’s just a little.

4. If they won’t bring the price down, ask for perks

If they won’t lower their monthly price plan, ask if they can throw in free access to Disney+ or another offer you know they have going on. Don’t ask, don’t get!

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