Freshers 2024: Essentials for Starting University

Freshers’ week is your opportunity to get to know your housemates and coursemates, the uni city and any potential clubs or societies you fancy joining. It’s also your chance to get to know the lay of the land — the laundry room, friends’ flats, bars, places to do your food shop, routes to your lectures, etc.

Below, we’ve laid out everything you need to know about what to bring to uni (and what to leave at home), fancy dress ideas (trust us, you’ll need them…), hangover cures, best shoes for a night out and much more!

In this guide:

If you want to know more about A Level results day, Clearing, Freshers’ Week, student finance or moving into your uni accommodation, head on over to read all the advice in our Freshers’ Guide: What to Know About Starting Uni.

Student Essentials: What to Take to Uni

You’ve got the grades, your uni halls are sorted, now what? Considering what you need to take (and what you definitely don’t need to take…) are important because your uni accommodation is likely to be fairly small and shared with other people.

To make things easier, we’ve put together the ultimate list of what you need to pack for uni in your first year – whether it be for the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or studying.

Student Essentials: What to Take to Uni

student bedroom decorating essentials on cheap

Best Student Bedroom Essentials

Ideally, your room should feel like a home away from home. We’re going to get real with you, a student room isn’t the prettiest, nor comfiest, place in the world. You’ll likely have a single bed, desk, chair and, if you’re lucky, maybe an ensuite bathroom. Nonetheless, you’re gonna want to make this space your comfy safe haven. Think art prints, photos, throws, plants…

Worried about the costs? Decorating doesn’t need to be expensive, in fact, we’ve got some awesome student bedroom decor ideas that won’t break the bank.

Best Student Bedroom Essentials: Decorating On the Cheap

student kitchen essentials small kitchen with kettle toaster cupboards utensils

25 Best Student Kitchen Essentials For Uni

Student kitchen essentials should be near the top of your list when packing for university. If you’re moving into student halls for the first time, we’ve popped a together a list of all the kitchen essentials you’ll ever need.

We’ve got brands like Noah (with a basic starter kit for under £60), Amazon and deals from the likes of Wowcher — where you can get some premium kitchen products for students at a lower price.

25 Best Student Kitchen Essentials For Uni

12 best going out outfits for nights out in 2022

12 Best Going Out Outfits For Nights Out

Going out outfits can be tricky so it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed with what you’re supposed to wear throughout freshers’ week and beyond. Whether you’re going to a club, bar, house party or a first date, it’s important you feel comfortable. Certain bars and clubs will have dress codes, whereas others really won’t care what you turn up in.

If you need some advice on what type of clothes to pack for uni, here’s your ultimate guide to student going out outfits.

12 Best Going Out Outfits For Nights Out

girl in bed tired hungover sunshine

The Best Hangover Cures That Actually Work: Before, During & After Drinking

University life inevitably means alcohol will be pretty prevalent (although, there is plenty outside of drinking culture to get stuck into if it isn’t your thing). This means the chances of a hangover are extremely likely if you don’t take care of your body before, during and after a few bevvies.

Alcohol is also one of the contributing factors to freshers’ flu. But we’ve got you covered: here are the best hangover cures that really work and how you can prevent hangovers before a sesh.

The Best Hangover Cures That Actually Work: Before, During & After Drinking

Best shoes for a student night out in 2022

Best Shoes For A Student Night Out

When it comes to going to clubs and bars, putting together an outfit that’s both comfortable, fashionable and appropriate for the dress code is a pain and can take the fun out of the night.

If you’re wondering what shoes to wear on your student night out, here’s our complete guide to night out shoes for students — including trainers, boots, loafers and heels.

Best Shoes For A Student Night Out

person reading book wearing dark academia outfit black hat

Dark & Light Academia on a Student Budget

If you’re starting uni or college, it can be a good opportunity to switch up your look around a new group of people. Enter, dark and light academia. As far as fashion subcultures go, it’s extremely popular, meaning there’s a big community online, a huge range of clothing options and inspiration in abundance.

Both dark and light academia are a big TikTok trend, including fashion, TV, film and other media into the subculture. We’re going to explain how to put dark academia outfits and light academia outfits together without burning a hole in your budget.

Dark & Light Academia: Subculture On A Student Budget

12 Best Cheap Fancy Dress Costumes Ideas for Students in 2022

12 Best Cheap Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for Students

Fancy dress outfits are a key part of university culture so if you’re starting uni, be prepared to get into costume at least 3 times during your freshers’ week. Dressing up is a fun part of uni, but it can sometimes be hard to think up decent ideas without spending too much.

If you’re looking for the best fancy dress outfits for uni, check out our ideas for couples, groups and students on a budget!

12 Best Cheap Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for Students

Gift Ideas For Students Starting University in 2022

50 Gift Ideas For Students Starting University

If you have a friend or family member who’s starting their first year of university, you might be thinking of giving them a gift to help them celebrate the exciting time in their life. Practicality might feel a bit lame, but students will need household, kitchen and other useful items so there are plenty of gift ideas for students that they’ll need rather than just want.

If you’re trying to think up the perfect gift for university students, here are 50 gifts suitable for all budgets that they’ll love.

50 Gift Ideas For Students Starting University

Cottagecore Aesthetic: Subculture On A Student Budget

The cottagecore aesthetic is a style that never really goes out of style. With European country vibes and days filled with baking and sewing, it’s a lifestyle and fashion look that’s not too hard to romanticise. If you love natural tones and gardening aesthetics, then stick around and explore how this now increasingly diverse style can be achieved in both conventional and darker aesthetics.

We also dive into the issues that the cottagecore subculture has faced and how movements — such as Cottagecore Black Folk — are increasing inclusivity in what was originally a trend lacking in diversity. We’ve included the UK brands selling cottagecore fashion, how to get them on a student budget and cottagecore TikTok accounts we think you should follow.

Cottagecore Aesthetic: Subculture On A Student Budget

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