A Handy Guide To Making The Most Out Of Your Depop Account

Learn how to buy and sell on Depop like a pro.

Depop is a great way to make some money and get rid of old things you no longer love. It’s also a great way to shop sustainably and score some bargains or find things that are out of stock online at a cheaper price. Here’s how you can make the most out of your account.

1. The style edit tab is your best friend

Depop learns how you shop and the things you like, based on who you follow and the items that you’re liking. Using this info, the style edit is customised for you and shows you items that Depop thinks you’re going to like, based on your shopping history and the items you’ve previously searched for. This is a great way of finding gems that you love, and wouldn’t have necessarily been searching for otherwise.

2. See what other people are liking

The best Depop hack anyone will ever tell you is to search through someone else’s likes. If there’s an influencer, TikToker or celebrity whose style you love who has a Depop account, their liked items is probably going to be full of cool things and style ideas. When you like an item on Depop it goes into your likes, but the listing is up for anyone to see or buy so getting inspo from someone else’s likes is a great way to find some cool stuff.


3. Always be prepared for a sale

If you’re selling stuff on Depop, people can buy your items at any time and sometimes without any warning. While lots of people will message first to negotiate a deal beforehand, some people will instantly buy which means they’ve sent you money and now it’s your responsibility to send them their item. Make sure all items that you’re listing are clean and ready to be packed and shipped, in case you do get a sale when you’re not expecting it as no one wants to wait weeks for their item to arrive.

4. Communicate with buyers/sellers

Communication is key on Depop. Once someone posts a review on Depop, it’s there at the top of your account and you can’t get rid of it so having a bad review could damage your platform and the chances of getting future sales. Always be polite with potential buyers and do your best to answer any queries, let them know the status of their parcel, when it will be convenient for you to post it and when they should expect it. If you leave someone a good review whether they’re buying or selling, the chances are you’ll get a good one back which can help build the credibility of your account and get you more sales.


5. Be flexible

Selling on Depop is a great way to make a bit of extra money as a student, but remember you are selling second-hand items so you will need to be reasonable on the price. Unless your item is brand new and unused, or highly sought after in terms of the resale value you can expect to price your items for a bit lower than the cost you paid. However, by offering bundles and free postage on your Depop shop you can actually increase your chances of selling and earning more. If someone messages you asking if you’ll go lower than the price you’ve listed, consider their offer but don’t agree to sell things for super cheap if the item cost you a lot of money in the first place. Remember that Depop etiquette works two ways, as a seller treat your buyers the way you’d like to be treated as a potential buyer and you shouldn’t run into any problems!