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6 Events To Celebrate LGBT+ History Month In Style

February is LGBT+ history month, and there are plenty of events happening across the UK to help you celebrate.

Many people will recognise June as pride month in the UK as this is when there will be pride events happening up and down the country to help celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community, but not many people know that February is the specific month for learning about and celebrating important LGBT history.

Here’s everything you need to know about LGBT history month and how you can get involved.

What is LGBT history month?

LGBT History Month is an annual celebration aimed to educate people on the history of gay rights and civil movements as well as celebrating important LGBTQIA+ history. It takes place in February every year and shines a light on important historical members of the community, as well as queer artists, historians and academics.

The month was originally founded in 1994 by Rodney Wilson an American history teacher and has been celebrated since 2005 in the UK as an annual event to help build a sense of community and to educate those who are in the community as well as those who aren’t on important LGBT history. The month is also aimed to raise awareness of current issues and struggles that LGBTQIA+ people worldwide are still facing today. For example, many are currently fighting to remove LGBT content from the school curriculum.

How can I celebrate?

Here are 10 affordable UK events that you can get involved in this LGBT History Month.

1. Sound of the Underground

The play is on until February 25th at London’s Royal Court Theatre and is a celebration of London’s underground club culture.

“Legends of the London queer club scene come above ground to take over the Royal Court Theatre. Part-play, part-raucous cabaret, part-workers’ manifesto, join eight underground drag icons as they spill the tea, free the nipple and fight the shadowy forces that threaten their livelihoods.”

It’s been highly reviewed and is only showing for a limited time only, so get your tickets now!

2. Proud Every Day with your glorious host Sue Perkins

Just For Laughs London is a four-day comedy festival held in March this year, and Sue Perkins will be taking to the stage to lead an event titled Proud Every Day. The event will feature a panel of LGBTQIA+ comedians and you can get tickets for just £23. This panel will be on March 5th 2023, so you have plenty of time to get a group together to enjoy the show.

3. A Gay and a Nongay Podcast at Just For Laughs London

If you are planning on going to Just For Laughs London, you’ll want to stop and see A Gay and a Nongay Podcast live on March 5th too. It’s currently the number one LGBTQIA+ podcast in the UK and is a funny discussion on friendship and sexuality. If you can’t make it to the live event, you can still listen to the podcast as new episodes are released every Wednesday, and it’s definitely one to add to your regular listening if you haven’t already.

4. Guided Tour: Love Stories of Liverpool

Celebrate some of the greatest love stories of all time on this walking tour of Liverpool. You’ll get loads of date night inspo as your guide will show you some of the best places in Liverpool to go on a date, as well as historical love stories that will warm your heart. This is a great idea as a late Valentine’s Day celebration and to feel the romance of Liverpool.

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5. My Son’s a Queer (But What Can You Do?)

This award-winning show is performing a limited run in London after being a huge success at Edinburgh Festival. It follows the ups and downs of raising a queer child and is a joyful celebration of all things queer culture. With tickets from just £24, it’s not one to be missed while you still have the chance to check it out.

6. Now That’s What I Call Bottomless Brunch

There’s nothing like a bottomless brunch and a live show to help you get into a good mood. This Birmingham-based bottomless brunch is running now on Saturdays and is a drag-hosted celebration featuring some of the best hits of the 00s and 90s. You’ll get 90 minutes of bottomless drinks to enjoy with your food while singing along to some of your favourite songs, it’s not one to be missed.

Of course, LGBTQIA+ culture should be celebrated every day and not just during pride month or LGBT History Month, but it’s a great time to check out and familiarise yourself with some of the key events that are happening across the UK and coming up soon!