green neon nails
green neon nails

50 Neon Nail Designs For Summer 2023

Summer is approaching and neon nails are making a debut. Check out our handpicked 50 neon nail styles to keep you inspired.

Neon nail designs are a huge trend. While a layer of your favourite neon nail polish will do, there might be days when you want to get a little more creative. Plus, neon nails are a great way to inject some colour to your wardrobe too, without having to be bold with a neon outfit (unless you’re into that, then go for it!).

Whether you have a stab at neon nails yourself or want to take these designs to a nail technician, we’ve got you covered with 50 neon nail designs to choose from. Definitely read out nail shapes guide if you need extra help on which shapes work for you.

You may want to know how to remove your current nail design, get nail glue off skin (we’ve all been there) and clean your nail brushes to use next time you paint your nails.

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Neon nail design inspiration

Whether you have square nails, want some plain nails with a little neon detail or want neon oval nail designs, we’ve got you covered. We even have a ton of french tip acrylic designs with a neon twist we think you’ll love. Here are 50 neon nails ideas to get you inspired.

1. Neon pink nails with blue and yellow line work

2. Geometric white and neon green tips

3. Slanted neon pink and white tips

4. Yellow fire neon nail tips

5. Assorted lime green nails with smiley faces, check, swirly and floral patterns

6. Multi-coloured neon swirl nails on glitter background

7. Summer ombre nails with neon orange ring finger

8. Yellow neon nails with ring finger fire design

9. Yellow nails with full diamante ring finger

10. Hot pink and purple assorted neon nail design

11. Neon sunrise and sunset nail colours

12. Black nails with neon rainbow stripes

13. Boba-inspired multi-colour neon nails

14. Bright orange neon nails with leopard print and glitter pinky

15. Neon pink nails with white geometric details

16. Neon assorted fruit nail designs

17. French reverse multicoloured neon nails

18. Neon chevron nail colours on a purple base

19. Neon beach-inspired nails

20. Simple multi-coloured neon French tip nails

21. Neon galaxy and space alien nails

22. Neon blue and pink evening summer ombre nails

23. Yellow and orange sunset nails with black ring finger

24. Negative space multicoloured neon star, cloud and dot nails

25. Pink and yellow neon nails with diamante and plant design

26. Multicoloured neon swirl nails with Mickey Mouse silhouette

27. Angular yellow neon French tips

28. Garden-themed lime green nails with black, florals and cow print

29. Neon red Kandinsky-inspired nails

30. Neon yellow double French tip round nails

31. Yellow and black neon tiger print French tips

32. Multicoloured swirly neon nail design

33. Black and green nails with leopard print

34. Neon sunset design with cracked effect

35. Neon French tips with glitter and flower design ombre

36. Matte multicoloured neon ombre with ombre diamante

37. Multicoloured neon light nails

38. Neon florals on negative space nails

39. Blue to yellow neon base with black tribal print nails

40. Blue, yellow, orange and pink neon slanted tips

41. Rainbow neon nails with black and white patterns

42. Neon green and rainbow nails

43. Neon green base with neon pink leopard print nails

44. Neon pink and white inverted tips

45. Pink and orange nails

46. Multi-coloured neon wavy smiley face nail design

47. Neon butterfly nails

48. Neon Care Bare-inspired nails

49. Neon yellow and basic Leopard print nails

50. Neon Tiger-print ombre nail tips

We hope these neon nail designs have got you fired up for some fabulous paws this summer! Sign up to Student Beans to be in the know of the latest student discounts.

How to remove fake nails

Use acetone

If you have fake gel nails, whether DIY-d or done at the salon, you’ll need to go to the salon to get them drilled down safely. But if you want to give it a go at home, these Mylee Gel Polish Soak Off Clips nail kit have had fantastic reviews:

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If you want to know how to take off acrylic nails, simply soak them in pure acetone, but cut your nails down as much as possible before doing so. After you’re done, use a strong, coarse nail file to remove the top surface of your nails to break off the product. Always follow the acetone bottle instructions so you don’t damage your skin and nails.

Use baby oil

Baby oil will help get all that acetone and nail product away much easier. Add a small amount of baby oil to warmed acetone, which will help with the lifting process. You’ll need to soak your nails for around 30-45 minutes. While that’s a long time, it means you won’t have to pry and potentially damage your nails or surrounding skin.

Apply a nourishing base coat

After removing your gels or acrylics, you’ll want to apply a base coat to strengthen your real nails. If you really must have another design on your nails, we recommend some press-on nails until they’ve had time to heal up.

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How to get nail glue off skin

Here are the steps to remove nail glue off skin safely:

Acetone nail polish remover

  1. Use an acetone-based nail polish remover. It can dissolve nail glue effectively.
  2. Dip a cotton swab into the nail polish remover and press it onto the skin where there’s nail glue
  3. Let it soak for a while and rub away the residue.

Petroleum jelly

Products like Vaseline have been used for many years to keep nail glue off the skin without the harshness of acetone. If your skin is particularly sensitive, this is the way to go.

  1. Apply lots of petroleum jelly to the skin that has nail glue on it and massage it for a few minutes. This will eventually break up the glue
  2. Wash your hands with soap and water to get rid of the petroleum jelly and remaining nail glue residue.

How to clean acrylic nail brush

Not cleaning your acrylic nail brushes can make them unusable, here’s how to clean them properly.

  1. Get a monomer or acetone nail polish remover. The latter will clean your brushes but can damage the brush overtime. Invest in monomer if you can as it’s a much gentler cleanser
  2. Use some kitchen roll with some of the monomer to wipe the brushes down. Be gentle as to not fray the brush
  3. Fill a small dish with some liquid monomer
  4. Pop your brushes (bristle end) into the monomer to soak for a few hours. This will break down residue and could take up to a day, depending on how much was used
  5. Wash the brushes with warm water to remove the monomer
  6. Air dry the brush on some new kitchen roll and rinse out the dish that had the monomer in it
  7. Once your acrylic nail brush is dry, put some new liquid monomer into your dish and soak your brush for a couple of hours
  8. Remove the brush and let it airdry on new kitchen roll without removing the monomer off the brush.