5 Ways Your Phone Can Help You To Organise Your Uni Life

Here’s how you can keep on top of your deadlines and stay organised with your phone!

Uni can be tough and managing deadlines and a busy schedule is a skill you’ll have to adapt to quickly, as it will all fall down to you to make sure everything’s submitted on time.

Luckily, your phone can be a super useful tool to help you stay organised (if you can manage to stay away from social media apps while you’re studying!) and there are plenty of secret features that you may not know about that your phone might have to help you succeed at uni!

Best of all, students can access a whole range of student discounts at Samsung thanks to Student Beans, including saving some cash on the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ or the Galaxy Z Flip4 or Fold4. So, if you’re thinking of buying a new Samsung phone this year, here are some cool features you might not know about that your Samsung phone can do to help you get organised.

1. Print and scan via your phone

There’s no need to carry a USB around with you anymore, as you can easily print and scan documents straight from your Samsung phone. All you need to do is download the Samsung Mobile Print app which will easily connect your phone to existing Samsung or wireless printers allowing you to print documents straight from your phone (avoiding paying for printing credits too!)

If you like to write notes by hand rather than typing them up, you can easily scan your notes using your phone camera and you can easily convert your files to a PDF document too.

2. Sketch and take handwritten notes

If you don’t want to write on paper and prefer to have everything stored on your phone, you might find it easier to write your notes out rather than typing them. Or, you might do a more creative degree and enjoy drawing diagrams and drawings to help make your notes more visual. With the Samsung Galaxy S22 UItra phone model, you’ll get the included S Pen to help you easily sketch and take handwritten notes straight from your phone, which as a student is a feature you’ll definitely want to take advantage of.

3. Keep on top of your personal belongings

If you’re always losing things, Samsung Galaxy SmartTags could be the answer to help you stay organised. Let’s say you get up early to go to your 9am lecture but as you’re leaving you can’t find your keys or your wallet and suddenly by the time you’ve found them you’re 10 minutes late.

With SmartTags you can easily track your personal belongings that you’re likely to misplace and find the exact location straight from your phone. Not to mention, if you accidentally drop something on campus you won’t have to spend the lecture agonising about where it could be and worrying about if it’s lost forever, a quick check-in on your phone will confirm whether you’ve left your wallet in your bedroom or if you’ve accidentally dropped it on the journey.

4. Access G Suite or Microsoft Office straight from your phone

Whether you prefer to use Google or Microsoft to write your coursework or work on collaborative projects, there’s nothing worse than trying to look at a presentation or spreadsheet on your phone and the app isn’t mobile compatible.

With newer Samsung phones, thanks to the Samsung DeX platform that allows you to pretty much turn your phone into a PC, you’ll be able to easily access all of these apps optimised for mobile, so you can quickly scan through the lecture presentation before the seminar and check your email, calendar or edit documents seamlessly without having to carry a laptop and your phone around with you.

5. Connect your phone to a monitor

Newer Samsung phone models such as the S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra allow you to seamlessly connect your phone to a monitor using the Samsung DeX platform. This means that you can work via your phone, but everything will show up on the big screen or your monitor. This is ideal if you don’t have access to a laptop or PC, or want to connect to an external monitor to present something to your classmates or to share notes.

Don’t forget to check out all of the great Samsung student discounts and deals you can get via Student Beans to help you save some money on a new phone for uni this year, and remember these tips to help you stay organised and on top of your workload!

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Samsung.