5 Hot Tips For Overcoming That Crippling Gym Anxiety

Going to the gym can be pretty scary if you’re not a regular gym user.


Whether you’re taking the first steps on your gym journey, you’ve had a break away from the gym or you’re a frequent gym-goer but still get anxious, we’ve got the tips you need to smash it.

1. Find the right time to go

Sometimes a packed gym can make your fears even worse, so finding out when the gym is at its quietest can be beneficial. Some gyms will have an online tracker where you can see how many people are in the gym, so you can see if it’s busy or not. Early mornings, weekends and evenings around the time work and uni finishes are probably going to be the busiest times, so try and avoid your workout during these times if you can.

2. Make a plan

If you feel overwhelmed by the possibilities of the gym, try and make a plan for the week. Your plan can be as simple as setting out what machines you want to use or go into more detail around timings, workouts and allocating shower time. A plan will make you feel much more organised and can calm your nerves!

3. Track your accomplishments

Gym wins can be anything, big or small. Even managing to go to the gym and getting a workout in can be a big win if you’re finding it hard to get out of bed one day. Track your achievements and celebrate them, so you can see just how much you’re actually getting out of going to the gym whether it’s smashing a hard session or beating your personal best.

4. Prepare

If you’re joining a new gym, it can be intimidating walking in for the first time and not knowing the layout. You can watch video tours of your local gym online, or book an induction at the gym so you can learn where the locker rooms and showers are and what the gym rules are so you won’t feel nervous for your first time.

5. Reach out

Ok, so for some people the idea of working out with a friend or taking a fitness class is even scarier than working out alone but others may find this really helpful to remind you that you’re not alone. However, if you’re not the kind of person that wants to work out with someone else, you can still reach out to your friends for support. Sharing your fears and concerns with supportive friends or family members is always the first step to overcoming your anxiety.