30 Things Better Than Being In A Relationship

We’re here to say it’s not all doom and gloom when you’re single. Find joy in these amazing things instead.

Craving a cuddle after a night out or generally want someone you can rant to and be your confidant?

Relationships certainly have their place for those. But perhaps we’ve gone through a sudden breakup, aren’t ready to be in a relationship or we’re generally feeling down about being single.

It’s human nature to crave connection, but we also think it’s important to recognise the value and importance of singledom. Count your blessings and celebrate these 30 things that are better than being in a relationship.

1. Having an entire bed to yourself

Spread out as much as you want to without getting told off.

2. Free sausage rolls from Greggs

Getting a free Gregg’s sausage roll on the way to your morning lecture is one of many ways to add a spring to your step. You don’t have to share it either.

3. Travelling alone or with your best mates

Group travel or embarking on a solo trip is always fun. Traverse the world solo or get together with like-minded pals. No compromising!

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4. Not having to share your food

Channel your inner Joey Tribiani shamelessly.

5. Cute animals

Furry animals who want love just as much as you do? We couldn’t ask for more.

6. Free holidays

Imagine winning a free holiday for yourself and taking your BFF with you. Sign us up!

7. Saving money

Relationships mean more dates and more spending. You’ll be happy to know you’re likely tol spend far less when you’re single.

8. Getting FREE coffee

Free coffee from Starbucks? Yep, you can really make it happen. Start your days right.

9. Not spending £400+ on a Dyson AirWrap

And no one convincing you not to buy one otherwise. Get a Dyson Airwrap alternative for less and achieve the salon blowout you’ve always wanted.

10. Getting cashback

Nothing like cashback after a purchase to spend on something else or save. These companies pay you to refer a friend, so spread the word.

11. Finding the best beauty dupes

No one’s gonna mither you for your next beauty haul, because these TikTok beauty dupes are gonna save you some serious cash.

12. Breaking a bad habit

Conquering a bad habit and realising you’re forming new good ones for yourself is a liberating feeling.

13. Heated leggings

This is a feeling no relationship can provide. Find out where to buy heated leggings and stay cosy all winter.

14. New hobbies

With all of this free time, you can find a new hobby based on your Zodiac and pursue it to your hearts’ content.

15. Finding cash you didn’t know you had

Seriously, there’s nothing better than this.

16. Not shaving

You should do what you want with your body hair regardless of your relationship status.

If you prefer being clean-shaven in a relationship, then you’ll be relieved to know you don’t have to do that anymore. Let it grow, let it grooow.

17. A cancelled lecture

Hello, lie in.

18. Sleeping in all day

Read point 17.

19. Not making plans around someone else

You can make your own plans, cancel or change them however you please.

20. Manifesting the goals you set out for yourself

And knowing you did those by yourself is a feeling like no other. Find out how to manifest your best year yet.

21. Taking yourself on a date

When was the last time you really did this? Go grab that coffee, visit an art gallery or try something you’ve been curious about.

22. Conquering a fear

Conquered your fear of the 9am lecture or cooking a new dish? Congrats! Knowing you’ve accomplished this solo is something to be incredibly proud of.

23. Taylor Swift

The OG of breakup songs. IYKYK.

24. Shopping

While we don’t recommend spending until you’re all out of cash on a student budget, you certainly don’t have to live by anyone’s rules.

Just make sure you use a Student Beans discount to save some cash, yeah?

25. Spending time with friends and family

Singledom means more quality time with the people who love you no matter what. Rekindle old friendships, spend more time with your family and overall be grateful for the special people already in your life.

26. Taking your own time

No rushing in the mornings or when you’re going about your daily business. Ultimately, doing things in your own time feels amazing.

27. Doing things on your own terms

This feeds into our last point. But doing things when you want, how you want whenever you want is the best feeling.

28. Not ‘checking in’

Check-ins can be necessary for safety reasons. But you don’t have to ‘worry’ about not checking in with someone for reasons beyond your control. You’re free to do as you please.

29. Knowing yourself

Singledom gives you time to know yourself in. Being a relationship can still let you do this too, but being alone gives you time to see the bigger picture and realise the kind of person you want to be with.

30. Shameless flirting

We saved the best until last for obvious reasons.

What other things are better than being in a relationship? Let us know via DMs!