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World's first naked company

'Natural Cleaning company' has entirely naked workforce.

Jean-Paul Reid, an entrepreneur who hopes to tackle unemployment in South Africa, has decided to set up his very own naked cleaning business.

Stripped-down staff will receive up to £100 an hour for cleaning someone's pad, however Reid has said he's also looking for employees to come in and take on a range of jobs at his company - as long as they're in the buff.

Whether prospective candidates like to sit and do accounts in the nude or fancy a spot of plumbing in their birthday suit - Reid may just have a job for them, since the 'world's only all-naked service company' is said to be booming.

Defending his naked workforce, Reid said: 'It's purely entertainment. We don't offer prostitution or anything like that.' That's what these underwear-clad students said of their cleaning business too...

Tags: Weird stories , Weird news , Weird people

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