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The 10 weirdest things ever sold on eBay

People are weird.

People are weird. They do weird things. So it's understandable that despite the overwhelming amount of boring,'useful' stuff on eBay there's also some insane stuff. Perfect.

Not only do people try and sell ridiculous stuff on there but d'you know what? Some people actually buy it. Sometimes they buy it and buy it for a hell of a lot of money.

So, with people on eBay buying and selling pretty much anything, why not trade tat-for-tat sometime yourself? You never know how much money people are willing to give for what is often very little.

We're giving a £100 Nando's voucher to someone who 'likes' us on Facebook this week (29th Oct - 5th Nov 2012).

1. Vampire Killing Kit

enter image description here
Containing a crossbow with four silver tipped arrows, an ebony wood stake,a large bottle of holy water and some surgical instruments, this box has everything a budding vampire hunter needs. Which is good, since someone paid $4,550 for it.

2. A Doritos Chip Shaped Like the Pope's Hat

enter image description here
Yeah it kind of looks like the Pope's hat. But then again would I spend $1,209 on it? In case you hadn't sensed the tone that's a no. No I wouldn't.

3. The Meaning of Life

enter image description here
One day a man posts the meaning of life for auction and the next minute he walks away with a cool $3.26. You'd think he would've got more for such a prized bit of information. The buyer is keeping schtum as to the meaning but we've got a sneaking suspicion it's got something to do with bacon.

4. Britney Spears' Chewed Gum

enter image description here
If you ever see a celebrity gob something onto the pavement do make sure you root around on your knees inspecting it. Someone who did this with Britney made $263 and made one extremely weird fan very happy. Who needs dignity when you've got a new iPod?

5. Virgin Mary Sandwich

enter image description here
So you're the Virgin Mary and you want to reveal yourself to someone. Where are you going to do it? On the back of a grilled cheese sandwich of course. Combine that miraculous appearance with some solid media coverage and you've got yourself a lunch that's apparently worth $28,000.

6. UFO Detector

enter image description here
Can it catch UFOs? We're guessing not... Can it do anything? Probably not no... Does it look like something you made in school? Pretty much, yes. But that didn't stop one sorry sod from forking out $135.03 for the privilege of owning the world's most useless object.

7. Real Shrunken Heads

enter image description here
They were from Ecuador, they were heads and they were shrunken. Pretty much as the description suggests really. They went for just under $25 after the tamest 'bidding war' in history (seven people were after them, only one won and he only paid about £16).

8. A Cornflake Shaped Like Illinois

enter image description here
Yeah. That's rubbish. But for $1000 I'll claim something is whatever you want me to claim it is.

9. A Ghost in a Jar

enter image description here
The seller says he was out with his metal detector and then suddenly he finds a glass jar. With a ghost in it. A completely invisible and undetectable ghost. Nutters everywhere got very excited and soon enough the bidding was up to $90 million. Then everyone realised some people were just messing around with their bids and the jar went to an undisclosed winner for an undisclosed sum.

10. Serial Killer's Fingernails

enter image description here
Two rather awful men kill five people in 1979 in California and then 30 years later someone's bought some of their fingernails for $9.99. But that's not all. They were taped to the back of a Christmas card with a personal note form the murderer who donated them, his signature and a black thumbprint. Cute.

We're giving a £100 Nando's voucher to someone who 'likes' us on Facebook this week (29th Oct - 4th Nov 2012).

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