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Talking dog becomes YouTube hit

Bacon-loving talking dog racks up over 12,000,000 views on YouTube...

What is it about the idea of animals talking like humans that makes us so entertained? Creature Comforts isn't even about real animals yet the TV show is massively popular, showing plasticine creatures animated to recordings of regular people, chatting about everyday life.

Ultimate Dog Tease however, features the real deal. Well, kind of. The video shows a down-in-the-mouth, real-life pooch being told that his owner has gone and eaten his favourite treat from the fridge: 'the maple kind' of bacon.

But it gets worse. His owner admits to giving steak to the CAT as well.

Watch on as the poor dog cries out in disbelief at what he's hearing. It's seriously distressing viewing and has already racked up over 12,000,000 views on YouTube.

You can also watch the original video here (i.e. the non-talking dog) but let us warn you that it is no where NEAR as entertaining.

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