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Students start naked cleaning business

Strapped for cash? Here's an idea...

A nude cleaning business has been set up by a group of Czech students who needed cash, fast.

The Crazy Cleaners charge £150 an hour and give customers the choice of watching them do their duties in their underwear, topless or completely naked.

You'd think it might be difficult to find people willing to work under those circumstances but impressively, The Crazy Cleaners business has 15 men and 15 women working for them. And the punters keep on coming, too.

21-year-old Economics student Katka Kopecka points out: 'Nobody likes cleaning and everyone likes to look at a good body.'

She is adamant however, that 'this is not a prostitution service, it's just a cleaning service... Quite often the people asking for our services are busy business people who want to relax. Watching someone clean your house in underwear is a nice way for them to relax.'

We'll take her word for it.

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