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12 dads at One Direction concerts

Dad, you light up my world like nobody else.

So today we learnt about the term Directioner Dad. The term refers to dads who don't just happily agree to drive their daughters to sold out stadiums, they (out of their own free will) quite enjoy joining them amongst the hysterical hormone riddled crowd.

Then there are also dads on the opposite side of the spectrum, dads who have clearly lost some kind of parenting rock paper scissor battle, and as a result HAVE to take their teenagers to a 1D gig, when they'd much rather be somewhere else, ANYWHERE else.

Scroll down for 2 types of Directioner Dads: 1) who are clearly hating life right now and 2) who think 1D are the best thing that happened to their child since potty training.

1. This dad is imagining Mozart

enter image description here

2. This dad is Googling: "Can I give my teenage daughters up for adoption?"

enter image description here

3. This dad wishes he was in the pub

enter image description here

4. This dad would rather stay outside and finish the Essential Guide to Salt Water Fishing

enter image description here

5. This dad is thinking: "How did I end up here? Where did I go wrong?"

enter image description here


enter image description here

And here are some dads who are actually having a great time. So much so, they've been named "Directioner Dads"

7. Yay - matching home-made T-shirts!

enter image description here

8. Red glitter pen to get the message across

enter image description here

9. These dads spent ages on their signs

enter image description here

10. This dad wants to join the band

enter image description here

11. This dad hasn't had this much fun since...well EVER

enter image description here

12. And lastly, actual TEARS because his daughter just met her idols. So sweet, but so wrong.

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