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Top ten hobbies to take up in 2012

What better way to kick of the year than learning a brand spanking new talent?

2 . Learn a new language

We've already learnt one sentence of great importance in two whole languages. Go us!

  • Ich liebe studentbeans.com.
  • J'adore studentbeans.com.

Ahem. Clearly we have a long way to go. We should probably invest in some teach-yourself material to ensure we learn the basics of any new language we take on. Similarly, podcasts are a cheap and effective way of learning, since you can hear what words should sound like. Here is a comprehensive list of 40 languages you can start learning for free!

Formal classes can be expensive so if you don't have the funds and would really like one-to-one sessions, search Tutorhunt or Gumtree to try and find an available tutor near you.

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