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Top ten genius drinking board games

Think board games are a thing of the past? Shift the winter blues with our list of the ten best classic board games to drink to...

10 . Snakes and Ladders and Drinking

Probably the first board game you ever leant, snakes and ladders becomes a lot less child-friendly when you introduce alcohol.


The concept is simple... if you land on a snake you get fined, if you land on a ladder you give out fines. The number of rows your snake/ladder takes you determines how much is drunk.

For example, if you land on a snake that takes you down three rows, drink three fingers - if you land on a ladder that takes you up five rows, you can nominate five fingers to anyone else in the game.

Remember folks - while these games are a lot of fun, make sure you don't over do it. For more information click here.

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