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Which subject's students have the most sex?

The University Inter-course League 2012: You've already heard who the most promiscuous uni is - now find out which course gets the most action...

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Sex. You guys love it. We know this because more people viewed the 2012 University Sex League than any article we've ever written.

And if you liked that, we have a feeling the ingeniously named (if we do say so ourselves) University Inter-course League may just tickle your fancy as well.

What is it? Well just as the Sex League shows which universities get the most (and least) sex, the Inter-course league does the same, but by subject. So, now we come to the results...

Our parents were wrong - it turns out money does make the world go round, as economics tops the table with an average of 4.88 sexual partners per student.

Just scraping into the top five is agriculture, and no, before you make the obvious joke we're NOT including animals. You scamps.

At the other end of the table environmental science comes in 43rd (and last) place, marginally behind theology and earth sciences.

Are you surprised by our findings? Let us know in the comments section below.

University Course Average number of sexual partners since starting university*
1 Economics and related 4.88
2 Social work, community care and counselling 4.7
3 Marketing 4.57
4 Leisure, hospitality, tourism and retail 4.56
5 Agriculture and related 4.44
6 Electrical engineering and related 4.35
7 Business Studies 4.31
8 Mechanical engineering and related 4.24
9 Sports science 4.16
10 Social science 4.05
11 Architecture and town planning 3.98
12 Geography 3.97
13 Science and research 3.97
14 Politics and international relations 3.92
15 Biology and related 3.86
16 Civil engineering, construction and related 3.85
17 Modern languages and linguistics 3.81
18 Law 3.8
19 Physics and related 3.8
20 Accounting and finance 3.79
21 Biochemistry and related 3.58
22 History and archaeology 3.57
23 Performing arts and music 3.52
24 Classics 3.52
25 Maths and related 3.5
26 Management, marketing, business and HR 3.48
27 Psychology 3.48
28 English 3.45
29 Chemistry and related 3.44
30 Medical sciences and related 3.43
31 Food and nutrition 3.38
32 Public sector 3.33
33 Chemical engineering and related 3.23
34 Art and design 3.18
35 Humanities 3.01
36 Media studies 3.01
37 Nursing, midwifery and healthcare 3
38 Computer science and IT 2.89
39 Philosophy 2.79
40 Education 2.74
41 Earth sciences 2.68
42 Theology and comparative religion 2.13
43 Environmental science 1.71

*We asked 4,656 sexually active students from over 100 universities across the UK.

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