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MpFree of the day: Bat for Lashes

Bat for Lashes cover one of Kings of Leon's most recognisable tracks. AND it's good.

What: Bat for Lashes cover Kings of Leon's Use Sombebody.

Genre: Goth-pop Although we've also heard 'folktronica' thrown around too.

Mood: Sad.

Listen to when: You just can't crawl out of bed. And you don't want to.

On the surface, Bat for Lashes' version of Use Somebody might not sound a world away from Caleb and co's over-played orignal. But Natasha Khan's tentative vocal instantly softens the rock favourite and adds a haunting touch with the organ in the background, fitting beautifully. Even if it does sound a bit like it belongs at a funeral.

Listen: Bat For Lashes - Use Sombebody

To download this free mp3:

1.) Right click on the link above.

2.) Select 'Save Link As' / 'Download Linked File' / 'Save Target As'.

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