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15 weird exercise fads to get you into shape

The good, the bad and the utterly bizarre...

It's all well and good being told that exercising leads to a healthy body and mind, but running on a conveyor belt isn't exactly inspiring.

Gyms are often full of chunky men, making love to themselves in the mirror as they lift more weights than you will ever manage.

To get you out of the gym, we've short-listed 15 weird work-outs that may actually inspire you to get moving (...although there's strong chance they won't).

1. Baby yoga

First find a baby (we recommend checking with the kid's mum before) and fling the baby around. 'It's very good for babies and not dangerous at all’, says Lena Fokina, a qualified PE teacher.

Um, no, doesn't look it at all....

enter image description here

2. Antigravity yoga

You get to sit in a springy hammock and bounce around like a small child in a baby grow. Align your body while pretending to be an extra in the circus.

enter image description here

3. Spin karaoke

As if spinning wasn’t hard enough, try exercising your vocal cords at the same time. Pick your tune and sing/sweat from your bike...

enter image description here

4. Glee Sing-a-thon

Sticking with the singing theme...

Are you a Glee fan? How does dancing up a sweat to the soundtrack sound? Singing is not optional.

enter image description here

5. Kangoo jumping

Embrace your inner kangaroo by donning a pair of ‘kangoos’. They’re a lot more stable than they look apparently...

enter image description here

6. Face yoga

Pulling funny faces actually has some benefits. Making 'the owl' and 'the puffer fish’ can actually smooth wrinkles, firm jaw lines and create a healthy glow.

And you can even do it at your desk...

enter image description here

7. Cat yoga

Get in some quality time with your feline friend. You basically do the standard yoga moves and the cat joins in if he/she can be bothered. Perhaps you'll have to entice them with some catnip.

enter image description here

8. Snake yoga

You’ll be so busy being scared of the snakes, you’ll forget you’re burning calories. Or so we think anyway. Any class where you have to siss at a snake is just plain wrong.

enter image description here

9. Dance dance party party

‘No boys, no booze, no judgement’ that’s the motto of Dance Dance Party Party. The thought of dancing without any alcohol may be terrifying, but once you start you’ll soon feel like your 9-year-old self, busting moves at a school disco.

Oh to be care-free (and sweaty).

enter image description here

10. Paddleboard yoga

You guessed it, it’s yoga on a paddleboard (big fancy surfboard). You paddle out to an area in the sea, secure your board to a rope and try desperately hard not to fall in whilst you do the downward dog etc...

enter image description here

11. Rave exercise class

It’s like being in Ibiza. Sort of. Anyway, the class is held in a darkened room with strobe lighting. Bonus: you go crazy on a mini trampoline for 45 mins, while waving glow sticks in the air. Fun.

enter image description here

12. Sauna suits

Firstly, these are not bin bags. The rubbery waterproof suits are meant to make you sweat out more pounds per session. Don’t be surprised if you faint though.

enter image description here

13. Dumbbell Eating Utensils

Working out your guns and eating at the same time - clever! Setting the table would be a workout in itself...

enter image description here

14. 50 ‘Shapes’ of Grey

Of course there’s a workout inspired by the S&M moves in 50 Shades of Grey. Silly us! You’ll learn ‘the sexy scissor’ and ‘the seductive squat’. And if the instructors called Christian, you could be in for an after-class treat...

enter image description here

15. Naked yoga

Remove clothes and lose your dignity...quickly.

enter image description here

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