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21 utterly insane things you can buy on Ebay

It's not just old clothes and stolen iPods

As a student, finding ways to make money is pretty much top of our priority list. Ebay is the first port of call for most of us when the loan begins to dwindle and our desperation reaches an all time high. So next time you're rifling through your attic in an attempt to find anything that might gain you an extra fiver, remember that these items are all being sold on the site right now - that way your attempt to sell all of your old beanie babies won't seem quite so odd.

1. Iraq's most wanted playing cards

2. A Human Skull

3. Bondage rope

4. Anal Hooks...

5. This male chastity device...

6. Or this one...

7. This thing which sounds extremely painful

8. Along with these...

9. This fake poo

10. An inflatable tiger head

11. A welsh stone

12. 6 chocolate wrappers... Without the chocolate

13. The worst cat ornaments you'll ever see

14. This willy warmer

15. This car... which may or may not come with the woman

16. A life size recyclable Spiderman

17. A dead frog

18. This not so cute doll

19. Some exotic wood

20. A political piece of toast

21. A ball scratcher

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