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Studentbeans.com easy guide

Student jobs

Find out everything from how to go about getting that perfect part-time job at uni, what tax you'll be paying on earnings, how to approach work experience placements and loads more...

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What's in this guide

Last updated May 24 2012

Getting a job at uni is a great way of easing that financial strain and ensuring that you don’t just spend your loan away as soon as it enters your account. Not only that, but you’ll get bags of experience to take away with you when it comes to actually getting a job in the real world.

Similarly, Internships and work experience placements when you can fit them in are good for boosting the CV, even if it means you won’t be earning.

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Part time jobs for students

Getting a part time job at uni is not only a decent way of keeping yourself out of the red but a brilliant way of meeting new people, aside from those you live with and your fellow course mates. Scour the area for temping agencies, search Gumtree and sign up to your nearest jobshop to find the job perfectly suited to you.

Summer jobs

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to cram in a part time job alongside your study, then why not save the earning for when you head home. There are loads of summer jobs you can consider applying for, including contractual work through agencies, shift work at bars and restaurants and even house-sitting.

Going travelling for the summer? Take a look at the options available to those wanting to work abroad and start earning on your holidays.

Work experience

Get work experience in the industry you’re interested in and get the upper hand over your peers when it comes to applying for jobs post uni. Whether it’s gaining experience on holidays or embarking upon a Camp Leader-style adventure, The only downside? You may not be paid.


Search job sites such as Target Jobs and keep abreast of news at the likes of Milkround when it comes to industry internships either during or after uni. Social networking is also a great way of keeping in-the-know about potential opportunities too, as well as putting yourself out there by sending your CV out as normal, just as you would when it comes to finding a full-time job.