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Studentbeans.com easy guide

Student cards

As a student, it is a rite of passage to collect as many cards as you possibly can. So here’s a handy little list of every student card you could ever possibly need, from NUS to Nandos...

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What's in this guide

Last updated September 12 2011

As a student, it is a rite of passage to collect as many cards as you possibly can. Here’s a list of the student cards you shouldn’t be living without...

Student life

Student card

On enrolment, you’ll be issued with a student card, commonly used as a form of student ID for entry to student nights as well as student card concession prices. What’s more, your uni’s student card might come affiliated with NUS, giving you further discounts.

NUS Extra

NUS Extra card gives you exclusive discounts on travel, fashion computer software, going out and MUCH more. And this student card will only set you back a tenner.

Library card

Some unis simply ask you to use your uni card when checking out books from the student library but others will require you to get a library card in order to borrow, renew, photocopy and print. See your building’s library for details.

Driver’s licence

Not heading out on a student night? You might want to take another form of ID out with you, just in case. Failing a driver’s licence, you could take out your passport. But only if you’re reeally careful.

UK Travel

16-25 Railcard

Save ? on train fares across Britain with the 16-25 railcard Not only will you save loads on train travel but this student card will also get you discounts on days out and restaurants. For frequent travellers, this is the daddy of student cards.

18+ Oyster card

Londoners aged 18 or over should apply for an 18+ Oyster student card to save 30 per cent on travel in the capital. Whether you can get one depends on the hours you’re at uni.

Student Plus MetroCard

Students in West Yorkshire! Do you have a student travel card for the area? The Student Plus MetroCard covers all bus and train journeys within rail zones 1-5 and is available to anyone under the age of 22 and mature students in full-time education. This student card will set you back £18.30 a week so probably only worthwhile if you’re doing a lot of travel within the area.

Student Travelcard (Ireland only)

Calling all students in Ireland! This student travel card is Ireland’s largest national student ID and discount card, giving users up to 40% on Irish Rail, Dublin Bus, DART and LUAS. Keeping up with the discount theme, the student travel card also offers money off at over 200 retailers. And all for just €15.

Travel abroad


Apply for a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), giving you reduced-cost medical treatment if you’re planning on a trip to any country in Europe. Beware of sites which may charge you if you apply through them, even though the card is completely FREE.


The student card for students abroad. If you’re taking a year out or heading abroad on hols then the ISIC card is the student card for you. ISIC is the only GLOBALLY recognised form of student ID and gives you 40,000 discounts around the world, on everything from museum entry, hotels, restaurants, activities and more.

VIP Backpackers card

Get discounts on travel, accommodation and mobile charges with one of the most recognised student cards for backpackers.


Student debit card

Get an interest-free overdraft when you set up a student bank account and sit in the red during your time at uni without feeling guilty...

Student credit card

If you're considering getting a credit card for university, make sure you look into student credit cards, which are offered by a few of the high street banks.


Asda Student Shopper Card

If you have very generous parents, you might want to consider investing in one of these student cards. The way it works is, the parents have a card and the student has a card. These are both linked together so parents can add money to their son or daughter’s student card, topping up their grocery spend to be used at Asda stores. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.

Tesco Clubcard

Collect points every time you do a Tesco shop or fill up your car at Tesco and once you’ve recieved 150 points, you’ll get a clubcard voucher to spend in store, worth £1.50.

Nectar Card

Collect points on shopping and then spend them! It’s just like the Texco Clubcard except for the fact that you can use it in more than one place. Sainsbury’s, BP, House of Fraser, eBay, Amazon and LOADS more are all involved so get shopping!

Boots Advantage Card

Another reliable points card comes from Boots. You’d be surprised how much you end up spending on essentials in this store so hurry up and get your Advantage card now.


Join up with StudentsInNeed and save up to 20% on brands including New Look, La Senza, Oasis and STA Travel.

Food & drink

Yellow Card

Do you have a Scream pub near you? Invest in a Yellow Card (possibly the best student card for drinking) and save money each time you head to the bar.


Go to Nandos twice and spend £5.80 each time and on your third trip you’ll receive a ¼ chicken! What’s not to love? Go a further two times and get a free ½ chicken and another two times and on your tenth trip, you’re be able to scoff back a WHOLE CHICKEN for free! Ah, Nandos, we love you.

Got any student cards you couldn't live without that you think we've missed? Let us know in the comments box below and we'll add them to our list of must-haves!