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Studentbeans.com easy guide

Easy student finance

All the student finance stuff you need to know is here - the stuff you don't, isn't. Explore our plain and simple, clear but clever – easy – student finance guides.

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  • tuition-fees.png

    Tuition fees

    Tuition fees have never been higher on the nation's news agenda - but what are they? Why do you have to pay them? Our guide to tuition fees lifts the lid on one of the more complex areas of student finance.
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  • Student_Travel

    Student travel

    Going travelling - whether it's before, during or after university - is seen as a rite of passage for students these days. Our detailed guide gives invaluable money saving advice on every aspect of travel.
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  • student_loans

    Student loans

    Student loans are the only way most people can afford to get through university in one piece - our guide includes information on how much loan you’ll receive as well as giving some essential financial advice.
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  • jobs.png

    Student jobs

    Read on to find out more about internships, part-time jobs and even working abroad during your hols. From where to search for your ideal job, to visa applications, you can find all the info in our jobs guide...
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  • student_insurance.png

    Student insurance

    If insurance was one of those things you always took for granted when you lived at home but that now leaves you a bit clueless, our student finance guide to insurance will tell you everything you need to know.
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  • grants-and-bursaries.png

    Student grants

    Tens of millions available to students goes unclaimed each year. If there’s money for you out there - grants, scholarships, bursaries - our Easy student finance guide will help you make sure you find it.
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  • credit-cards.png

    Student credit cards

    Thinking about getting a credit card to help you through uni? Go for a student-specific credit card, as these have lower borrowing limits, and be sure to check our guide to read up all about them...
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  • student-cards.png

    Student cards

    From student current accounts to NUS discounts and student travel offers, your wallet could be bursting with cards designed to help you through the financial struggle of university. Here are some of the best.
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  • student_budget

    Student budget

    In order to organise your student finances it's vital that you set a budget. Our guide talks you through your incomes and outgoings and looks at the cost of living for students around the country.
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  • student_bills

    Student bills

    Paying bills is an area of student finance that is impossible to avoid - as much as you'd like to. Our guide talks you through everything from gas and electricity to Council Tax and TV licences - sounds fun, no?
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  • student-accounts.png

    Student accounts

    Make the most of being a student and pay nothing on your overdraft with a student current account. Find out which account is best suited to you with our guide to finding the right high street bank account...
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  • Student_Accomodation.png

    Student accommodation

    Whether you're a first year in halls of residence or are looking for private accommodation, our guide takes all the stress out of the accommodation process and might just save you some money.
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  • post-graduate-funding.png

    Postgraduate funding

    If you're considering applying for a postgraduate course, check here to find out what sort of funding you may be eligible for. Whether it's a bursary, grant or bank loan, be sure to check out your options, here.
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  • international-students_1.png

    International students

    Student finance in the UK can be confusing. Discover all you need to know about tuition fees for international students, financial assistance and work eligibility in the UK while you're studying away from home.
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500,000+ students get free stuff, discounts and advice everyday. Join us, click here to register

Latest Easy money tips

All about Easy Student Finance

Student finance has always been a bit of a hassle. There are a million and one things to think about when you’re either at university or getting ready to go (or go back) besides student finance - friends, family, sports, bands, your degree. Sorting out your student finances is way, way down the list of things you want to think about.

There's also the fact that the realm of student finance seems to have gone a touch crazy recently. The whole world's talking abut the rise in tuition fees, funding cuts, and student debt. The global economy is shaky, every other word on the news and in papers is recession and unemployment...

But we don't want to scare you, in fact the aim of Easy student finance is the complete opposite. In a confusing and changeable time in the world of student finance, Easy student finance has been created to give straight forward information and advice on every aspect of student money and financial issues before, during and after your time at university. Easy student finance aims to take the hassle and confusion out of student finances and keep the boredom to a minimum.

What’s more, Easy student finance being part of Easy money and therefore, of course, studentbeans.com means it’s been completely created with money saving and making you richer in mind. We’re always working and researching to find out how to save you money on your student finances (the clever bit) and to present this to you in the best possible way in the Easy student finance guides (the simple and clear bit). Easy student finance exists to save you money, time and definitely avoid any student finance headaches.