21 most awkward boners EVER

No need to point out why these guys are absolutely mortified...but we will anyway.


Sometimes, that awkward moment arises, when, well...your little guy puts his hand up in class. But don't worry about it, even the great and the good have befallen this particularly pointed embarrassment. From everyday folk to presidents and popstars, we bring you the best awkward boners...

1. Royal boner

Prince Harry shows off his crown jewels.

2. Ballet boner

En pointe. Literally.

3. Bieber boner

Perhaps this is why he was 2 hours late to that O2 gig.

4. 70s boner

Really didn't want to see that particular 70s show.

5. Hova boner

99 problems and a boner is one...

6. Train boner

Tickets please! Oh...nevermind. *blushes*

7. Schwarzeboner

He'll be back. Right after he's got rid of his boner.

8. Presidential boner

He. did. not. have. sexual. relations. with that woman. Ok?

9. Beach boner

Head in the sand pretend-it's-not-happening boner.

10. Justin Trousersnake boner

Ain't nobody loves you like he loves you. Evidently.

11. Excited fan boner

Hannah Monboner.

12. Fancy dress boner

More pervy than Goofy.

13. Wrestling boner

Contact sport boner.

14. Football boner

Embarrassing bone goals....

15. Tennis boner


16. Drug cheat boner

Because Lance Armstrong also tested positive for viagra.

17. Basketball boner

NBA - National Boner Association.

18. Actor boner, dahling

Is this a boner I see before me?

19. Burqa boner

Particularly awkward.

20. Park boner

Hyde Park? Hide your boner.

21. Jessica Alba's boyfriend's boner

Yeah, don't really blame him to be honest. LEGITIMATE BONER.