20 cringiest socially awkward situations

"Everyone, get into groups"

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Life can be pretty bloomin' awkward. Unless you're one of those cool as cucumber people that could ask a stranger in the street for a condom and walk away with a nod of your shades and a cheeky wink. If so, well, good for you.

I think most of us can agree though that social situations can be the worst. We've got all these unspoken rules on how to avoid awkwardness, but it always finds a way. Always.

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Think someone's smiling at you and smile back. Get closer. Realise they weren't looking at you.


Accidentally like something on Facebook you didn't mean to.

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Bump into someone you know. Say bye. Both walk in the same direction.


Drinking games (PLEASE can we just DRINK)



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Food dates involving spaghetti


Buying toilet roll in the supermarket

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The command, "everyone, get into groups"

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Someone bumps into you. Apologize. Wait, what?


The sentence, "we need to talk"


Third wheelin' with a couple that start making out


Watching a film with family when a wild sex scene appears

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Conversations with your boss/ lecturer


Small talk


Riding a lift with one other stranger

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Walking into a lecture/packed room late


That really long walk towards someone you recognize. Do you make eye contact the whole time?

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Walk out of the bathroom in a towel. See housemate. They start up a conversation.

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The rules of urinals


Parties where you know hardly anyone. Play apps. Or, if they have a dog...

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